Every recluse and hermit loves homelife a lot,

But this grinch hunkered down here in Denver DOES NOT!

The house once so noisy and brimming with friends, 

Is closed to outsiders. It’s quiet and boring. 

We’ve cleaned and we’ve cooked, bought some houseplants to tend, 

And had quite enough of pandemic sourdoughing.

The year, 2020, has been downright awful. 

Diane Carman

Just think what has happened in everyone’s life! 

The COVID, the fires, the day that the pall fell 

When George Floyd was killed and the streets filled with strife.

There’s so much that’s changed that we all just forgot

’Bout the things that obsessed us just 10 months ago.

Impeachment, Burisma and whether or not

We should fly to a beach or go chase some deep snow.

Now the days run together, the weeks feel so strange.

Is it Tuesday? No Sunday. The pace doesn’t change.

Zoom workouts, Zoom classrooms and even Zoom weddings,

Zoom cocktails and endless Zoom meetings we’re dreading.

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At least, we all say, it’s an easy commute

From the sack to the desk where we try to look cute

Wearing sweatpants, or shorts or some leggings – no slacks, 

A T-shirt, a sweater, a style so relaxed.

Still, the pilots, hotel clerks, musicians and actors,

The drivers of Ubers and other contractors,

And all who have lost their careers in fine dining –

If you still have a job, think of them and stop whining.

And the news, oh the news, yes, the news, news, news, news.

If you pay close attention, it’ll give you the blues.

As most of us stayed home alone for Thanksgiving

Hizzoner, the mayor, played us for some fools.

He told us no travel. He was unforgiving.

And then he flew off, breaking all his own rules. 

The president, meanwhile, he spun a lame tale

’Bout the voters who said that his reign must now end.

He filed nonsense lawsuits – no chance to prevail

And hired real toadies, a Rudy, a Jen.

The voice of the claptrap, at least for a time,

Was one Jenna Ellis who’d handled such crimes

As traffic infractions and smaller screw-ups

Until she got fired by D.A. Ken Buck.

But Jenna, it’s clear, caught the president’s eye.

Legal cred wasn’t great, but so what. No big deal.

All she needed to do was be willing to try

To spread some confusion. To yell, “Stop the steal!” 

Then, just last week …

Vaccines hit the market and Doc Fauci says,

“Yo! The end is beginning. It’s just what we need!”

The ’lectoral college confirmed our new prez.

It is done! Never mind that Herr Trump won’t concede.


As this grim, dreadful year finally comes to a close

And we all fight the scourge of pandemic fatigue,

The future looks brighter and everyone knows

That our moods should be lighter, less anger, less greed.

Once the news is no longer a slave to the thrall

Of a tweeter-in-chief who is petty and small,

We can get back to thinking about stuff that matters,

Our friendships, the school kids, the lives left in tatters.

The candles we light for the solstice this year

Burn bright just to show the whole world that we won

A war against COVID, the virus, the fear

And the quest to survive until 2-0-2-1.

For Kwanzaa and Christmas, for Hanukkah belated

Let’s all head outside in our heaviest fleece,

Drink a toast to good health, to vaccines docs created,

Good friends, love and joy, and at long last to peace.

Diane Carman is a Denver communications consultant.

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Diane Carman

Special to The Colorado Sun Twitter: @dccarman