Snowbird ski area has a low skier-per-acre count, but traffic on Little Cottonwood Canyon is so heavy that the ski hill near Salt Lake City is having trouble luring new customers. The resort's marking boss has come up with a fix though, an app that matches riders with drivers to try and cut down on the number of car trips made up the narrow, winding road each day. (Photo provided by Snowbird)

Resorts, desperate to stem crushing traffic, bet on a new ridesharing app that splits lifts to the lifts

RIDE -- shorthand for Reduce Individual Driving for the Environment -- offers simple but compelling rewards to drivers and riders who carpool

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Coalition of states, including Colorado, sue over rules governing 3D-printed guns

Proponents have argued there is a constitutional right to publish the material, but critics counter that making the blueprints readily accessible online could lead to an increase in gun violence

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Denver DA won’t prosecute 33 climate protesters arrested before Gov. Polis’ State of the State speech

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann's office says the Democrat met with the Colorado State Patrol and with the Denver Police Department in making her decision. The protesters were calling for action to fight climate change.

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Colorado hospitals — under increased scrutiny — raised prices and saw more profit, new report says

The report from the Polis administration shows per-patient profits at Colorado hospitals reached their highest level in at least a decade in 2018