Snowbird ski area has a low skier-per-acre count, but traffic on Little Cottonwood Canyon is so heavy that the ski hill near Salt Lake City is having trouble luring new customers. The resort's marking boss has come up with a fix though, an app that matches riders with drivers to try and cut down on the number of car trips made up the narrow, winding road each day. (Photo provided by Snowbird)

Resorts, desperate to stem crushing traffic, bet on a new ridesharing app that splits lifts to the lifts

RIDE -- shorthand for Reduce Individual Driving for the Environment -- offers simple but compelling rewards to drivers and riders who carpool

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What’d I Miss?: Vote chicken

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She thought she was done with characters she created 20 years ago. Then one came of age.

Author Sheri Cobb South discovered that one young character, who was only 19 in her series' first novel, had grown up with a story to tell