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carbon emissions

carbon emissions

Xcel Energy moves up closure dates for coal-fired power plant near Steamboat Springs

Hayden Generating Station units 1 and 2 will be closed without layoffs of 75 people who work there, utility giant says as it moves toward 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050.

Opinion: Transitioning away from fossil fuels will mean more jobs, not fewer

Anticipating a bust, the Colorado coal town of Craig gets an unexpected boost

Northwest Colorado is grieving the looming loss of a major industry and the pandemic has hurt. But the broader economy is beginning to perk up. "We are not victims," Craig chamber boss says.

John Hickenlooper’s conflicting record and rhetoric on fracking a point of dispute in U.S. Senate race

The former Democratic governor is viewed skeptically by environmentalists and the oil and gas industry as his position on hydraulic fracturing evolves

Mountain athletes push progress over perfection in climate fight

Protect Our Winters’ embrace of “imperfect advocacy” is designed to motivate large-scale action on climate change. “We can’t afford to have anyone be silent right now," said athlete Caroline Gleich.

Agriculture is part of the climate change problem. Colorado wants farmers’ soil to be part of the solution.

With more statewide support, farmers and ranchers hope to boost the health of Colorado's agricultural lands and conserve water while also meeting business goals.

Opinion: We need more elected officials who seek real climate solutions — not lawsuits

Opinion: Punishing car commuters isn’t the answer to Colorado congestion

Opinion: Want to solve the climate crisis? Stop widening roads

Colorado to challenge Trump administration decision ending states’ waiver for stricter vehicle-emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday is set to end a waiver that allowed California and other states to have tighter vehicle emissions rules than ones mandated federally

Carman: Emi Cooper, Greta Thunberg – our best hope for the future … if there is one

Opinion: Denver should declare a binding climate emergency

Fearing Tri-State could duck clean-energy goals, Colorado utilities commission files unprecedented protest

For the first time in at least 25 years, state regulators move to stop a migration, saying the interstate power provider has too much unfinished business here

Tri-State, under pressure from its member co-ops to change or fall behind, is shifting to renewable energy

Giant power provider on the verge of deal with departing utility says it will shutter coal-fired plant in Nucla two years early as it retools carbon-emissions goals.

Paper beer bottles and waterless dye: Here’s how outdoor companies are getting creative to reduce their environmental impact

Gearmakers and retailers large and small are rethinking every aspect of their operation, from water and energy use to packaging and production strategies

Acres of barren Boulder soil are headed to rehab (and that might just help fight climate change)

Project to make depleted open space owned by the city healthy again could be a blueprint for carbon capture and land management

Resorts, desperate to stem crushing traffic, bet on a new ridesharing app that splits lifts to the lifts

RIDE -- shorthand for Reduce Individual Driving for the Environment -- offers simple but compelling rewards to drivers and riders who carpool

More electric vehicles will likely be available in Colorado after a new executive order from Gov. Polis

The move puts Colorado on a path to be aligned with California’s zero-emission vehicles standards. The auto industry immediately pushed back

Xcel Energy, Colorado’s largest utility, aims to have zero carbon emissions by 2050 in industry-first plan

Xcel Energy says it's responding in large part to climate change and its goals will affect eight states where the company operates