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Colorado was an early adopter of roundabouts. Now, motorists across the U.S. are driving in circles.

American drivers largely dismissed them for more than a century -- until pioneers like Golden and Vail proved they can work

Colorado Department of Transportation expects $150 million in stimulus influx

The funding includes $9.7 million for new noise walls along Interstate 25 in the Denver area and $25.5 million for a grade-separated interchange in Colorado Springs

Colorado offers $4.1 million to cities that use pavement for people, not cars, as part of coronavirus recovery

The new “Can Do Colorado” initiative offers grants for communities that expand dining, shopping and pedestrian access into common areas, including streets and parking lots

Here’s the nuance behind Colorado Democrats’ effort to eliminate 9 tax breaks, pump $1.6 billion into state coffers

Colorado lawmakers have used the elimination of tax breaks in prior recessions to bolster the state’s budget. But there are legal questions and unknowns around whether Gov. Jared Polis will sign off on House Bill 1420, which also gives immigrants access to a tax credit.

Mount Evans Highway, Independence Pass into Aspen will remain closed because of coronavirus

The highway usually opens the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, which would have been May 21 this year

Opinion: Colorado can’t withstand more growth without modernizing our aging bridges and water infrastructure

“I’m absolutely not supportive of that”: Front Range passenger train service appears derailed on arrival at Capitol

House Speaker KC Becker, D-Boulder, says she doesn’t support train service on Colorado’s Front Range and that transportation dollars should be spent elsewhere

Coloradans keep rejecting statewide tax questions to fund transportation. Democrats are now eyeing a regional approach.

“If the same ideological opposition gathers to any new transportation revenue, we’re running out of ways to tell local communities they can’t act on their own,” said state Rep. Matt Gray, a Broomfield Democrat

Lyft is introducing a fleet of 200 electric Kias in Colorado, a car model that motorists here can’t even buy

A change to Colorado’s electric-vehicle tax credit law this year prompted the ride-sharing company to choose the state to launch its first EV fleet in the U.S.

Going green again: Colorado’s license plates could soon revert to their old color scheme

The Colorado legislature is poised to vote next year on whether to return license plates to green mountains with a white background -- a nostalgic look

Polling shows support for a tax hike to pay for a Front Range passenger train. But the devil is in the details.

The effort — showing 61% support for a sales tax increase to pay for the route — is starting off strong and supporters can make their case to state lawmakers. However, that share will likely decline when an exact tax increase is finalized.

Who will pay to rebuild damaged U.S. 36 is unclear, but taxpayers may be stuck with some costs

The contract with the road's toll operator, Plenary Roads Denver, says the state may be responsible for any lost revenue

Work on another I-70 mountain toll lane starts Monday and will span into 2021. Here’s what you need to know.

The lane will run 12 miles in the westbound lanes of the interstate from the Veterans Memorial Tunnels in Idaho Springs to Empire Junction. The eastbound toll lane is already open.

A voluntary effort to speed up the availability of electric vehicles in Colorado has come unplugged

Automakers hoped they could convince Colorado not to adopt controversial zero-emission vehicle standards by volunteering to make more electric-vehicle models available in the state

Resorts, desperate to stem crushing traffic, bet on a new ridesharing app that splits lifts to the lifts

RIDE -- shorthand for Reduce Individual Driving for the Environment -- offers simple but compelling rewards to drivers and riders who carpool

A city where all the traffic lights are green? The tech is live in Lakewood and coming soon to other Colorado cities

The future of Vehicle-to-Everything communication aims to improve driver safety, save gas and cut emissions by letting drivers know the right speed to make all the green lights

Opinion: Loveland Pass is a much-safer — and only minutes-slower — option than risking a catastrophe in tunnel

Hazmat tankers want off “sketchy” Loveland Pass and into tunnels. Years of debate could be decided once and for all.

The Colorado legislature is on track to pass a bill exploring whether trucks carrying hazardous materials could be safely allowed to travel through the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels

A preview of Colorado’s 2018 ballot: Taxes, roads and an existential crisis for oil and gas

Colorado's 2018 ballot questions explained, one by one