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Opinion: No question: Colorado’s population growth is unsustainable

As we head into 2022, you cannot help but witness massive construction cranes towering over the Denver skyline.  Each one equates to another 40-story apartment building or skyscraper pushing into the Brown Cloud over the city. When you drive along Sheridan, Wadsworth or many other streets, you see endless construction of condos crammed into every […]

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Opinion: We already have a tool that can clean the air, reduce traffic, and expand job opportunity: the bus

Last year was one for the record books, as evidenced by historic wildfires burning throughout the state as late as October. The harsh consequences of our car-oriented transportation system become more evident each day as communities both locally and across the country face devastating wildfires, flooding, unprecedented heat, and more poor-air-quality days than good ones. […]

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Denver man in anti-Semitic group arrested in Florida after refusing to follow police commands during a traffic stop

MIAMI — A member of an anti-Semitic group was arrested in Miami after he refused to follow police commands during a traffic stop, authorities said. The group calls itself the Goyim Defense League and regularly engages in stunts to harass Jewish people, the Miami Herald reported. Last week, they were in central Florida protesting at a […]

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Here are the new gas and road-usage fees behind Colorado Democrats’ $4 billion transportation plan

Colorado drivers would begin paying a new fee of 2 cents on every gallon of gas they purchase starting in July 2022 under legislation Democratic state lawmakers are expected to introduce in the coming weeks. That fee, which would not require voter approval, would increase to 8 cents per gallon starting in July 2028 under […]