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Zornio: Jared Polis was right on truck driver, wrong on Walker Stapleton and definitely wrong on COVID

As the Marshall fire raged in my backyard, Gov. Jared Polis was also releasing a series of decisions that should not go overlooked. His actions included a sentence reduction for Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, the I-70 truck driver, and 1,315 pardons for marijuana possession — both matters I’ve been vocal on.  Polis also appointed his former gubernatorial […]

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Wilson: Stapleton finally says goodbye to a Denver klansman’s legacy

At long last, Denver’s klansman mayor, Benjamin Stapleton, will have his name stripped from a neighborhood. Some said it could never happen. They said that like Charlton Heston and guns, we’d have to pry Stapleton’s name out of the Master Community Association’s cold, dead hands.   Thankfully, nothing that drastic had to take place. Just a […]

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Hickenlooper has likely secured his spot on the U.S. Senate primary ballot. But will the Democratic base embrace him?

John Hickenlooper on Wednesday likely secured his spot on Colorado’s 2020 Democratic U.S. Senate primary ballot, turning in thousands of signatures — about a month earlier than necessary — to ensure he is part of the June election.  But the two-term former governor still faces a test in the form of the the state’s caucuses […]

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Colorado hits a new milestone with unaffiliated voters and busts the myth about its even partisan split

To make a case that he can win over a divided nation, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet often points to his home state. “This is a state that is exactly a third Democrat, a third Republican and a third independent,” the Colorado senator says, as he did recently at a town hall in Denver. The […]

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Judge awards Walker Stapleton money he paid signature-gathering firm after wrongdoing allegations threatened his campaign

Political consulting firm Kennedy Enterprises must return about $235,000 it earned gathering signatures intended to get 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Walker Stapleton on the primary ballot, a Denver District Court judge ruled on Friday Stapleton sued the signature-gathering firm after fraud allegations about the more than 21,000 signatures Kennedy collected at a cost of $11 […]

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Lawsuit against signature-gathering firm illustrates problems with Colorado’s process to get on the ballot, lawyer says

Colorado has deep-seated problems with its petition system that could prevent qualified candidates from getting on the ballot, says an attorney for 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Walker Stapleton. Stapleton is suing a company he hired to collect thousands of signatures to land him on the primary ballot in a case that is slated to go […]

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At 100-day mark, Gov. Jared Polis evaluates his campaign promises and toughest moments

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis reaches the 100-day mark of his administration Thursday with plenty to celebrate, even if he didn’t deliver on one of his top campaign promises. This week, the Democrat’s top agenda item — a measure to provide state-funded, full-day kindergarten — won a key victory, and other legislation he supports is advancing […]