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Opinion: On Memorial Day, let’s remember the thousands of unclaimed veterans not yet buried

Memorial Day is an opportunity to reflect on and honor those who gave their lives in the service of the U.S. Today, many Americans will visit the graves of the millions of soldiers buried in national cemeteries, including Fort Logan in Denver and Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs.  This year, while honoring those fallen service […]

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Not every vaccinated Coloradan will be entered into the $1 million sweepstakes. Here’s how to check if you are.

One lucky (and vaccinated) adult Coloradan will become a million dollars wealthier this week, the first of five to win the Colorado Comeback Cash sweepstakes Gov. Jared Polis announced late last month.  If you’ve received at least one dose of a free coronavirus vaccine in the state, you’ll automatically be entered into the Colorado Immunization […]

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For war-weary veterans, a dose of “adventure therapy” can help them ski off the war

RIDGWAY — It’s nearly dark when the team arrives at the Blue Lakes Hut. After slogging nearly eight miles through melting snow, they celebrate their arrival with steaming bowls of mashed potatoes.  With socks and boot liners dangling from the rafters, the team of former Green Berets rib and tease each other. They poke fun […]