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Silverman: Police, and Cory Gardner, should reject Donald Trump

Prosecutors depend on police. And vice versa. Juries once trusted police. Now, citizens want and expect body cam footage. COVID-19 and police brutality have America’s criminal justice system reeling. Protests abound. Cities and states are going broke. Crime will increase. People are on edge. Denver District Attorney Beth McCann declined to file charges in the police shooting […]

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Littwin: It’s been a long time coming, but is change really on the way?

There are certain moments in history. Something happens — a handcuffed man screams that he can’t breathe, the cop presses his knee ever more firmly against his neck, and the cop, I swear, looks so unbothered, so this-is-what-I-can-do-and-you-can’t-stop-me calm, ignoring those onlookers who plead for George Floyd’s life, while still pinning his knee on Floyd’s […]

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On 11th day of George Floyd protests, Denver police announce major use-of-force policy changes

On the 11th consecutive day of protests in Denver responding to the death of George Floyd after he was restrained by police in Minneapolis, the Denver Police Department on Sunday announced major changes to its own use-of-force policy. Under pressure from demonstrators, lawmakers and the courts, the police department said that as of Sunday, officers […]

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“It was completely unprovoked”: Protester shot in the face with pepper ball by Denver police demands accountability

A 27-year-old man is demanding accountability after he was shot in the face with a pepper ball by a Denver police officer last weekend while attending a protest in response to the death of George Floyd.  “It was completely unprovoked,” said Darrell Hampton, of Littleton.  He said it felt like being punched in the face […]

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Colorado’s Jason Crow launches effort to boost police accountability, federal misconduct investigations

A Democratic congressman from Colorado introduced a bill Thursday that seeks to gather racial policing data from across the nation, create a federal task force to investigate local law enforcement misconduct and provide financial incentives to agencies that implement pilot programs to reduce wrongdoing.  “This should have happened a long time ago,” said U.S. Rep. […]