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Officially, heat deaths are not very common in Colorado. The reality is more complicated.

Missy Anderson stepped out of the shade and into the building heat of another day in one of Denver’s hottest summers on record. Anderson is an injury prevention coordinator at Denver Health, meaning she works to deter the kinds of accidents and events that often land people in the hospital. On this July day, that […]

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Researchers at CU-Anschutz are trying to crack the code on long COVID by looking at T cells

Researchers in Colorado have made a key discovery that could help doctors in fighting one of the most pernicious ongoing impacts of the pandemic. Long COVID-19 — the catchall diagnosis for long-term COVID symptoms that can afflict as many as 30% of people after they have recovered from their initial infection — is so common […]

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What does it take to persuade someone to get a COVID vaccine? Patience, understanding and a lot of love.

A year ago, Chris Battelli faced a dilemma with no easy answer. He was a nursing student at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, studying for a career serving others in the health care system. He’d worked throughout the pandemic on the front lines, first as a COVID tester and then as someone administering […]

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What if your mask could tell you have COVID? Aurora school kids are helping scientists figure out how.

AURORA – The middle schoolers belting out tunes in the school cafeteria and spooning in mouthfuls of chicken teriyaki and broccoli actually get that they are part of a potentially life-saving science experiment.  As the eighth grade class at Aurora Science & Tech Middle School joins in a chorus of “So, before you go,” gloved […]

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A Colorado program introduces students from diverse backgrounds to the medical field. It’s more important than ever.

Mayra Dawkins found her calling as a teenage intern at Children’s Hospital of Colorado, struck by the bonds between doctors and nurses and their young patients. Now as a urology nurse on the Children’s Hospital staff, she seeks to provide the same sense of connection — with a soft spot for children like her, from […]

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Some hospitals resorted to crisis triage during the pandemic. A Colorado doctor says more should have.

The early days of the coronavirus pandemic brought a terrifying question into the minds of health leaders across the country: What happens if the virus overwhelms the nation’s health care system? What happens if there’s not enough resources to treat everyone? The question forced states to grapple with the concept of “crisis standards of care” […]