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unemployment fraud

unemployment fraud
unemployment fraud

What’s Working: Follow the money to find where more Colorado jobs are

Colorado had a record year for venture capital investments, at more than $6 billion. Plus: unemployment fraud arrests, Target’s $24 hourly wage, another Starbucks unionizing and more.


Colorado task force refers 17 cases of unemployment fraud to prosecutors

All are suspected of unemployment insurance fraud that “exceeds $300,000.” Colorado has paid $33.7 million in unemployment fraud and recovered $44.3 million so far.

Crime and Courts

What’s Working: Colorado’s missing workers may just be disengaged

Colorado makes revisions and has now recovered 95.3% of jobs lost in the pandemic. Plus: Colorado labor department sticks with the controversial IDme verification service.


What’s Working: Colorado economists share 2022 forecasts on meat, apartments, video games and more

Colorado's economy is better than last year but full recovery doesn’t mean business will look like it did in 2019. Plus: unemployment fraud updates, wage increases and more.


Jim Morrissey: When Colorado’s Christmas spirit goes awry


Colorado auditor finds $73 million in “likely fraudulent” unemployment payments, including to dead people

The Colorado Department of Labor, which has confirmed only $30 million in fraudulent payments, said that the additional cases likely will be “determined to be legitimate.”

Politics and Government

What’s Working: Colorado paid $30 million in bogus unemployment claims. It could have been worse.

Plus: Colorado’s new jobless claims now lower than in 2019 average, funding the trust fund and how do you pay back a $1 billion loan?


What’s Working: A third-quarter check on Colorado’s economy and more on worker deaths and COVID

Inflation is on the rise, but not new business startups. Also: $600 million to pare down state’s $1 billion unemployment loan, Denver tops for wage growth and more!


What’s Working: As federal unemployment ends in 7 weeks, Colorado businesses are optimistic about their pandemic recovery

Department of Labor reveals how many unemployment accounts are on hold, businesses still struggle to find workers and a CU business school report finds that sales are back to pre-pandemic levels at half of businesses surveyed


Colorado sees claims for unemployment benefits double in June. Officials suspect fraud.

State steps up review of fraud as 26 other states end some or all federal unemployment benefits early. Colorado labor officials believe the increase is from folks in those other states.


What’s Working: Colorado asks how much does that job pay? Some out-of-state employers don’t like it

A site tracking job listings that exclude Coloradans saw a 25% increase in one day. Plus: state unemployment rate shrinks to 6.2%, unemployment fraud continues, and PUA folks must prove employment.


What’s Working: Seasonal hiring sputtering for restaurants, resorts across Colorado

Plus: Restaurants push for more federal aid, jobless data adjusted due to fraud and more.


What’s Working: How navigates face masks and social engineering to battle Colorado unemployment fraud

Plus: The state Department of Labor and Employment is cracking down on unemployed workers who don’t show up for job interviews or respond to job offers.


What’s Working: Why there are at least 2,314 new technology jobs in Colorado

Plus, the latest on federal aid for restaurants and entertainment venues, fraud updates, and overpayment issues for the unemployed.


Unemployment fraudsters have cost Colorado at least $19.37 million

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has been able to prevent another $437.16 million in fraudulent claims from being paid out, officials said Friday


What’s Working: Colorado’s big BYE week for unemployment, the $10,200 tax question and our ongoing economic recovery

It’s been nearly a year since the state saw a record 104,217 Coloradans file for unemployment in a single week. Here’s a look at the where we are now.


Coloradans face hours-long delays as unemployment ID verification system is required for everyone receiving benefits

As fraud runs rampant, the state is now requiring those who haven’t been verified by the IDme tool to go ahead and do so in order to continue receiving jobless benefits.


Carman: The real question for Jared Polis’ critics: Where’s the beef?

Colorado's state auditor uncovered an accounting fiasco at the state Labor Department, and that should prompt more than mock outrage

Opinion Columns

Colorado’s unemployment system kept inadequate records on who was overpaid or not paid at all, auditor says

The annual financial report said the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment did not provide critical information needed for proper records keeping and oversight.

Politics and Government

What’s Working: Forgivable loans for the unemployed, the end of pandemic jobless benefits is next week

Get back on the roller coaster that is Unemployed Colorado, which heads into the last week of federal unemployment benefits. What’s next plus: Dashboards, fraud updates and more!

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