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An omicron curveball: At two Colorado hospital systems, most COVID patients aren’t there for COVID

As Colorado’s hospitals work to keep up with an influx of patients during the state’s latest surge of coronavirus infections, two hospital systems have made an intriguing discovery: Most of their current patients who are positive for COVID are not in the hospital due to the disease. Instead, the patients are what might be called […]

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Colorado has half a billion dollars to fix its mental health system. But it won’t work without workers.

In the spring of 2020, the community mental health center that serves Jefferson, Gilpin and Clear Creek counties had a completely manageable number of job openings — 11 therapists, counselors and other clinicians.  But as the coronavirus pandemic gripped Colorado, the vacancies started to climb, first into the teens and then the 30s and then […]

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Will COVID patients who reject vaccines embrace monoclonal antibodies? Colorado is counting on it.

To Dr. Adit Ginde, it’s a now-familiar conundrum. Ginde is an emergency medicine physician with UCHealth. One of his responsibilities involves working with the clinics that provide monoclonal antibody treatments to people infected with the coronavirus. And many of the patients he sees in that role have not been vaccinated against the virus. He knows […]

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Nicolais: UCHealth’s transplant policy should make the unvaccinated re-evaluate

The decision by UCHealth to inactivate a kidney transplant candidate over her choice to go unvaccinated against COVID-19 prompted a furor last week. UCHealth should be applauded for its science-driven decision, and it may end up trailblazing the path for health care providers across the country. It should also be yet another data point for […]