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Convalescent plasma isn’t quite the coronavirus miracle treatment it was supposed to be. What happened?

Demand for plasma from COVID-19 survivors is low in Colorado, and Denver Health quit using it to treat patients. Now researchers suspect it could help people when they first get sick.

“Absolutely historic”: First doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine arrive in Colorado, are administered

Health care workers will be the first recipients of Colorado’s first batch of vaccines, totaling 46,800 doses and expected to arrive this week

Colorado researchers are gathering data on coronavirus survivors. Here’s what they’ve found.

Long-lasting symptoms include brain fog, muscle pain, blood clots and mental illness, say doctors studying COVID-19 survivors

An increasing number of Colorado coronavirus patients are surviving, and fewer need ventilators

The state's coronavirus mortality rate for hospitalized patients dropped to 10.5% compared to 15.1% in March, according to data shared by major hospital systems in Colorado

Anxieties familiar and new persist for Coloradans living with disabilities during coronavirus

The economic shutdown related to COVID-19 has complicated the lives of Colorado people with disabilities, who find their routines upset, their jobs at risk and their quest for affordable, accessible housing more difficult.

“At risk of dying alone”: Strict hospital no-visitors policies halting some families’ goodbyes

A Colorado mom hospitalized for 21 days died Tuesday without seeing her husband or two children, despite the family’s repeated requests for an exception to a policy barring visitors during the coronavirus crisis

Colorado doctors now have plenty of experience battling coronavirus — and they’re getting better at it

Doug Summerfield, a 75-year-old Arvada man, may have benefited from new treatment techniques that doctors are using to help COVID-19 patients, as well as a greater well of experience

UCHealth reports that it has discharged about 370 coronavirus patients from its Colorado hospitals

The hospital system says it is still treating about 250 patients who have tested positive for the disease

Coronavirus panic has fueled the telehealth revolution in Colorado — and we won’t go back

“We’ve made three years of progress in about three weeks,” UCHealth’s medical director for virtual health says.

5 weeks into Colorado’s coronavirus crisis, state health officials begin to request patient demographic details

Missing such data means lost opportunity to direct resources, alter treatment guidelines where inequities appear, and design control and prevention strategies, advocates say.

Coronavirus may have reached Colorado as early as January, weeks before the state had the ability to test

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says it wasn’t until Feb. 27 that the state could test people for COVID-19. “We were really in a reactionary mode instead of being able to be in front of it,” one top official says.

Why are Colorado hospitals sending people with coronavirus home? There’s not much they can do.

Colorado hospitals say they need to prevent being overrun with patients but also that, unless someone with COVID-19 is in serious distress, medical options for helping them are limited. The majority of those infected will recover on their own.

How pregnant women in Colorado are adapting to the coronavirus crisis to keep themselves safe

The CDC doesn't know whether pregnancy increases chances of infection, but the fast spread of COVID-19 has some women very worried. Some are even considering delivering their babies at birthing centers to avoid infection-filled hospitals.

Colorado blood supplies approach critical levels as coronavirus-wary donors stay home

Dozens of blood drives have been canceled, and donors are now being asked if they have been in countries beset by COVID-19

Colorado hospitals are postponing elective surgeries, reusing masks in preparation for a coronavirus surge

Hospitals and urgent care centers are already seeing numbers rise as more people who aren’t infected but are worried about COVID-19 come to get examined

Opinion: Lowering health care costs is essential, but must be done in the right way

Colorado opened one of the nation’s first drive-through testing sites for coronavirus. This is what it looked like.

Gov. Jared Polis said the state must “exponentially scale testing as immediately as we can.”

From rationing masks to polishing emergency plans, here’s how Colorado hospitals are preparing for the coronavirus

Hospitals are required to have plans for emergencies like a potential outbreak of the COVID-19 virus

Colorado hospitals accuse Polis administration of hurting Medicaid patients, as health fight grows nastier

In a letter to the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, hospital executives say onerous rules, outdated processes are putting patients at risk

Paging Dr. Algorithm: How AI and other new tech are changing care in Colorado hospitals

UCHealth and HealthONE use advanced algorithms, remote monitoring to chase disease and help keep hospital patients safe

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