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Littwin: Biden’s passionate speech on the GOP assault on democracy got everything right — except the solution

Joe Biden’s “Have You No Shame” speech on voting rights the other day was passionate, powerful, necessary, mostly on target and yet almost entirely useless. His speech directly addressed and correctly analyzed a critical problem — some would say an existential problem — facing our country, telling a Philadelphia audience: “There’s an unfolding assault taking […]

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Littwin: If Democrats want voting reform, give Joe Manchin what he wants and make him deliver

Here’s what Democrats should do about Joe Manchin, the Democratic senator from the deep-red state of West Virginia, who seems determined to allow Republicans to scuttle nearly every piece of Joe Biden’s ambitious program. They should give Manchin what he wants. All that’s at stake is American democracy and the gathering storm that threatens it. […]

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Littwin: Republicans ignore the lessons of the Jan. 6 Capitol assault. Now Democrats must learn the lesson of May 28.

The question before us was never whether we required a bipartisan independent commission to investigate the unprecedented Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol — that could hardly be more self-evident — but how a major American political party would come to reject the commission out of hand. Voting down the commission may be as […]

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What the Twitter accounts of Colorado’s nine members of Congress can tell us about them

Three months into the 117th Congress, first-year U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is the most visible and vocal of Colorado’s nine members of Congress, at least when it comes to Twitter. The Garfield County Republican tweeted more often than any of the other members of Colorado’s congressional delegation. Her 775 tweets, most sent from her personal […]

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Littwin: On Day Three of the impeachment trial, House managers continued their uphill search for 17 Republicans to defy Trump

The surest bet so far in the Trump impeachment trial was that Day Three would be anticlimactic. I mean, how could it not be?  The House managers were forced to follow their own chilling presentation of the day before, one that seemed to settle the matter of how a mob was incited by Donald Trump […]

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Littwin: On Day One of the Trump impeachment trial, the House managers win in a rout, but only 6 GOP senators seem to notice

The question bedeviling the latest Trump impeachment trial has never been whether he would be convicted — he won’t be — but whether it would be worth all the effort to try a president who’s no longer in office, even when that former president is Donald Trump. After Day One of the impeachment trial, that […]

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Here are the three finalists —including Denver’s city attorney — to be Colorado’s next top federal prosecutor

Denver’s city attorney and a well-connected lawyer who is managing partner at one of the Mile High City’s most prominent legal firms have been recommended by Colorado’s two U.S. Senators to be the state’s next top federal prosecutor.  The three finalists to be Colorado’s new U.S. attorney, submitted by Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet and John […]

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John Hickenlooper tapped for big task at the start: Find a bipartisan deal on additional COVID-19 relief

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper is finding himself in a familiar role in Washington. The Democrat is one of 16 senators in an evenly split bipartisan coalition working with President Joe Biden’s team to craft the next COVID-19 relief bill.  The cohort met for the first time Sunday with the new administration, and Hickenlooper said both […]

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Opinion: Bravo to Ken Buck for standing up for the Electoral College. Now, here’s what’s wrong with it.

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, outgoing chairman of the Colorado Republican Party and congressman from Colorado’s 4th District, penned a guest opinion published in the Washington Post on Jan. 5 — the day before the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol as Congress met to certify the results of the Electoral College vote for president. In […]