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Colorado’s statewide drought “pretty dire.” It’ll take more than a season’s snowfall to get out of it.

It may be a new year, but Colorado’s statewide drought will be baggage it carries well into 2021. More than a quarter of the state is in the worst level of drought, and with snowpack significantly below what’s expected this time of year — especially on the Western Slope — scientists are warning that it […]

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Despite recent snowstorms, Colorado’s drought conditions continue in “anomalous” direction

There’s no way to water this down: Colorado is really, really dry right now. Thursday’s drought monitor report estimates that 27.22% of the state is in “exceptional” drought, a category indicating drought conditions that historically have occurred every 50 years. This is up from 24.64% last week. The week-to-week increase came mostly from the southwestern […]

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Colorado’s drought keeps getting worse, with a quarter of the state now exceptionally dry

November in Colorado is usually a time for hyping up the winter powder season, speculating on how many snow days students will get and generally looking forward to flaky, fluffy precipitation. But with almost 25% of the state classified in “exceptional” drought status, as of the latest drought monitor report released Thursday, and little reprieve […]

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How coronavirus and drought have combined to affect Colorado’s limited water supply

In the battle for Colorado’s precious water resources, there turns out to be no contest: Between drought and pandemic, drought wins every time. While two of the largest water providers in Colorado noticed big drops in certain kinds of water use early on in the coronavirus pandemic, those savings are now overwhelmed by residents and […]

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One-third of Colorado is now in a severe drought, mostly in the south

Drought conditions are setting in across most of Colorado, and that has top state officials worried about wildfire, crop losses and water restrictions. Nearly 83% of Colorado is experiencing abnormally dry conditions and 33% is reporting extreme or severe drought, as of Tuesday, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported, up slightly from the week before. A […]

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Colorado’s drought situation continues to improve, with just 11% of the state under dry conditions

The news just keeps getting better. As the snowpack runoff season begins, Colorado’s drought situation has dramatically improved again. In the past three months, the areas on the drought map marked abnormally dry or worse have shrunk by 88%. On Feb. 12, 92% of the state was under some kind of drought status, including the […]

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Drought has revealed for the first time a Colorado town flooded to build a reservoir. And scientists expect to see it again.

CURECANTI NATIONAL RECREATION AREA — It can feel a bit eerie standing on the bottom of Colorado’s largest body of water. Particularly if you are Bob Robbins. Robbins grew up here, although all that’s left of his hometown of Iola, a town west of Gunnison inundated by the waters of Blue Mesa Reservoir in the […]

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All of this snow is great, but it will likely be months before we know the impact on Colorado’s drought

You’re seeing the pictures of deep snow being surfed by skiers and snowboarders across the state. The Colorado Department of Transportation is working double time to keep high country stretches of highways passable. But if you were expecting an overnight solution to Colorado’s drought, which has been particularly acute in the southwest part of the […]