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Congress may extend program paying farmers, ranchers to use less water as Colorado River conservation pleas intensify

Colorado’s U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper is pushing legislation that aims to make federal funding available to pay farmers and ranchers to voluntarily use less water by leaving their fields temporarily fallow. The Hickenlooper bill, which has bipartisan support, passed the Senate Natural Resources Committee on Thursday. It still has to be approved by the full […]

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Opinion: Federal investments in science are needed to reduce wildfire

It used to be that October marked the end of wildfire season, and the most destructive fires occurred in or around forested areas. But increasingly, more Americans experience the impacts of wildfires year-round.  In 2021, nearly 50,000 wildfires were reported, which burned over  seven million acres of land. And as we saw with the Marshall […]

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Littwin: It seems Doug Lamborn is always fighting off primary challengers. This time, the fight could be real.

The highlight of the troubling ethics report on Rep. Doug Lamborn’s family business — which, not coincidentally, seems to the same as his official, taxpayer-funded job as a U.S. congressman — has to be this quote credited to Lamborn’s wife, Jeanie: “If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” Well, here’s a guess. Mama — who plays […]

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Michael Bennet: Reform the filibuster to revive the Senate and democracy

Confined to bed and forced to watch television coverage of the Senate for a week, an American citizen wouldn’t see anything resembling the old School House Rock cartoon about “How a Bill Becomes a Law.” Committees don’t draft careful legislation after weeks of deliberation. Senators don’t debate the pros and cons of that legislation on […]

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Zornio: Sen. Michael Bennet reintroduces much needed bill to fight superbugs

With all the marvels of modern medicine, could humans still die from a paper cut? For years we’ve taken the ability to fight bacterial infections for granted. After Alexander Fleming discovered the source of penicillin — the world’s first bacteria killer — in 1928, the field of medicine was instantly changed. Diseases that previously filled […]