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trail running

trail running

Without the burden of races, Colorado’s long-distance runners are shattering trail records

Fastest known times are exploding as runners use solo sufferfests to compete in the contest-killing era of social distancing

Coronavirus is forcing a whole new social contract on Colorado’s city sidewalks and suburban open space

What’s the new social etiquette for dog-walking and trail running? Here are some answers from park managers and health officials.

Chris McDougall takes another run at extreme athletics, this time running with burros

Bestselling author of “Born to Run” rescued a mistreated donkey. It led him to Colorado’s tribe of pack-burro racers.

60 years ago, the first woman to complete a U.S. marathon ran to the top of Pikes Peak and back down again

Now, hundreds of women gather each year to follow Arlene Pieper Stine's tracks in running’s ultimate challenge, the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

Remember the Fort Collins trail runner who killed an attacking mountain lion? Here’s what his life has been like since.

Travis Kauffman says he has been running more than ever since the February attack

Hardrock 100 ultrarun canceled by avalanche debris, high-water risk

The ultramarathon, traversing 13 high-mountain passes, is the second major event to be canceled this year

Don’t suck out the venom, do bring your phone: What a trail runner’s rattlesnake bite can teach Colorado adventurers

Snake bites are rare, but a bad situation can get worse if you have to run for help