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Tina Peters’ deputy pleads guilty, agrees to testify against the indicted Mesa County clerk

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ deputy, Belinda Knisley, has agreed to cooperate with investigators and testify in court against her former boss as part of a plea deal announced Thursday by prosecutors.  The deal represents a significant threat to Peters’ defense against felony charges stemming from a security breach of her county’s election system […]

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Littwin: It’s been a tough week for conspiracy theorists. Is Trump’s Big Lie next on the docket?

Under ordinary circumstances, I would never do this, but I feel I have no choice but to say a few words about Alex Jones, who is now America’s most thoroughly disgraced right-wing grifter and — please excuse the language — scumbag. The InfoWars host is not nearly as important a fake conspiracy theorist as say, […]

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Nicolais: Tina Peters’ post-election actions portend a scary future

Tina Peters’ Quixotic attempt to win Colorado’s top election official would be comical if it were not so terrifying. The state’s foremost election denier spent more than a quarter-million dollars on a recount to find out that she lost by the exact same margin the original tally indicated. Peters lost by more than 88,000 votes […]