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Carpooling is the easiest, quickest way to cut ski traffic on I-70. But are Coloradans ready to share a ride?

Their stories are the same.  Halfway through a four-hour crawl to the slopes, they glanced around at the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Interstate 70.  “I felt so dumb being on I-70, driving myself in my car and looking over at other drivers who are alone or with empty seats,” Erwin Germain said.  “All of the cars […]

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Colorado is trying to get drivers off I-70 by busing skiers to the slopes. Will it work?

Driving on Interstate 70 up to Colorado’s mountains on a winter weekend can be its own kind of hell. You spend a lot of time in traffic. You might do some screaming. And if you’re especially unlucky, you’re stuck alongside Loveland Ski Area near the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnels watching people ski and snowboard while […]

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While others grumble over hordes of newcomers, Telluride embraces Epic Pass skiers

TELLURIDE — Local skiers are wailing in Big Sky. Sobbing in Jackson Hole. Whining in Aspen. The source of the angst: the “Ikoneers,” aka the new visitors using the Ikon Pass. But while the weeping is likely misguided — the surge in visitation this season seems to be largely homegrown, with skiing locals in growing […]

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“It’s nightmarish”: Colorado faces meager budget in fight against I-70 ski traffic

By Thomas Peipert, The Associated Press “Friends don’t let friends drive I-70.” The tongue-in-cheek mantra is often uttered by Colorado skiers and snowboarders who frequent resorts far from the crowded mountain corridor, which funnels thousands of vehicles onto two lanes west of Denver every winter weekend. “It’s nightmarish. Hours and hours in the car. I […]