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Silverman: Birds of a feather flock together. And worse.

Growing up near Denver’s Fairmount Cemetery arboretum, I’d notice years when crows and magpies dominated. I always rooted for robins and sparrows. The bigger-billed bully-birds disrespected the smaller birds’ bodies, property and even their offspring.  Magpies and crows, for all their character flaws, are brilliant birds. So was Jeffrey Epstein. Skipping grades because he was […]

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Sexual abuse, misconduct allegations kept quiet for decades at world-renowned Colorado Center for the Blind

More than a dozen previously unreported instances of sexual misconduct and abuse spanning at least two decades at the Colorado Center for the Blind in Littleton have surfaced during an internal investigation of the school’s parent organization. Among the offenses were the alleged sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl by a summer youth camp counselor […]

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Bill Cosby accuser who lives in Colorado now wants spotlight on proposed changes to sexual assault laws

Despite a court ruling that freed Bill Cosby years after his sexual-assault conviction, a Douglas County resident says progress is being made to help victims come forward and find justice in cases of rape and sexual assault. But she says that more needs to be done. Heidi Thomas, who testified in court that Cosby sexually […]

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Colorado’s review of Catholic Church sex abuse named priests, but not those who covered up their crimes

Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual assault. A pair of explosive reports on decades of child sex abuse in Colorado’s three Catholic dioceses named 52 priests but kept confidential the identities of numerous church officials — from administrators to bishops — who covered up or ignored allegations of misconduct and transferred known child […]

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Wannabe Catholic priests can expect interrogations about porn, psych evaluations and abuse prevention training

Investigators examining decades of child sexual abuse by Colorado priests are expected to release their report within weeks. The reckoning is due, say Catholic leaders, but the public account will sting as it brings a fresh round of damage to the church. “Our psyche at large as a church, as the body of Christ, has […]

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Colorado prosecutors warn DUI-testing mess could have impacts far beyond drunken driving cases

Two district attorneys representing some of Colorado’s largest counties are warning that problems with the state’s ability to conduct blood testing in driving under the influence cases could have much broader impacts across the criminal justice system if they aren’t quickly resolved.  That includes placing in jeopardy cases ranging from vehicular homicide to murder, where […]

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Colorado lawmakers aim to close loophole that led appeals court to overturn foster parent’s child sex assault conviction

The following story contains graphic details from a child sexual assault case that could be objectionable to some readers. When Senon Louis Ramirez’s conviction for sexually assaulting one of his foster children was overturned last year because of a loophole in Colorado law, there was outrage over how such a gap could exist. But the […]