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As record-setting real estate sales continue in Colorado resort towns, buyers are now looking way down valley

The blistering pace of real estate sales is continuing in Colorado’s high country, with every resort community setting new records in each month this year.  “It’s been crazy,” Crested Butte broker Frank Konsella said, “way past everything in 2019 and 2020.”   Last year saw record numbers of home buyers paying highest-ever prices for properties in […]

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Ethics complaints from mountain counties spur probe of state Division of Property Taxation

The Department of Local Affairs will hire a law firm to investigate the Colorado Division of Property Taxation after Eagle, La Plata and San Miguel counties made ethics complaints against the state agency’s top two directors.  The move averted a call for state auditors to probe the claim that a too-cozy relationship between the state […]

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Behind Wyoming and Colorado’s anomalous twin COVID-19 spikes despite their political differences

By Rae Ellen Bichelle, Kaiser Health News WHEATLAND, Wyo. — Brandon Graves said covid-19 arrived in Wheatland the way new movies do in this High Plains farming town: months after hitting the big cities and without much fanfare. “It kind of trickled in and it never really exploded here,” said Graves, a lifelong resident and […]

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Survey of Colorado’s high-country residents a “wake-up call” on the devastating implications of the affordable housing crisis

A first-of-its-kind survey of thousands of Colorado mountain town residents has delivered the clearest look at the impact of the pandemic on housing, rentals and lifestyles in the high country to date.  And the news is not good.   Wealthy newcomers are displacing locals. Businesses are struggling to hire staff. The crowds are growing in the […]

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State tax official who is required to be neutral advised luxury resort owners on how to minimize property taxes

A state tax official required to be a neutral arbiter is instead advising Colorado luxury resort hotel owners on how to minimize their property taxes, according to leaders in the counties who have lost millions of dollars in revenue. A batch of personal emails uncovered by Eagle, San Miguel and La Plata counties detail a […]

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Opinion: As county commissioners, we see smart ways to close Colorado’s digital divide

Colorado’s digital divide spans both rural and urban areas of our state, but it’s two different divides and two different challenges.  The Rural Divide is primarily an infrastructure problem: At least 100,000 Coloradans don’t have connectivity to high-speed broadband networks.  In urban areas, it’s an Adoption Divide – world-class networks are available almost everywhere, but […]

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Record-breaking real estate frenzy is changing the culture of Colorado’s mountain towns as locals are priced out

Brianna Anthony and her boyfriend, Keenan Montague, have lived in three homes over the past six months in Telluride. The five-bedroom house that the local bartenders rented with friends sold last fall, and the new owner, an East Coast doctor with a home in nearby Mountain Village, launched a major renovation. They moved into another […]

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Hard-right rooted group has made inroads in Colorado opposing Biden’s vision for public lands

Land grab or precious-resource preservation? The battle over where the truth  ̶  and where Westerners’ hearts  ̶  lie on that matter is rumbling through Colorado counties as a federal government initiative nicknamed 30×30 gains momentum, and opposition. Colorado has become the beachhead in a Texas-based group’s efforts to use local governments to thwart the Biden […]

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Coronavirus drives blistering sales of Colorado mountain homes, sets 2020 as historic high mark

Prices are at record highs. Supplies of mountain homes for sale have never been lower. Across Colorado’s high country, resort community real estate sales have set records since July. Through October, the total real estate sales from six Colorado resort counties are nearly $1 billion greater than all sales last year.  “It’s Biblical,” George Harvey, […]