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Opinion: Another rewrite of the fiduciary rule? Not so fast

As a Black woman and small business owner, as well as an activist with a political and governmental background, I have seen and understood the way that businesses thrive — or dwindle — based on government regulation. For small-business owners and entrepreneurs, success depends on the government and regulatory bodies providing consistent laws. That, combined […]

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What’s Working: Colorado program is looking for a few good older workers

As far as pandemic pivots go, Lisa Armao’s made a lot of sense. Her goal to set up an intergenerational preschool that paired older adults with mild dementia and preschoolers hit a wall after COVID-19 struck Colorado.  Schools went remote. Adults who could, stayed home. And her financial supporters, Boomers Leading Change, morphed into Experience […]

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PERA’s investments generated billions in 2020. But the Colorado pension’s financial condition worsened.

It was another frustrating year for Colorado’s 631,000 public pension members. Despite a banner stock market year that saw Colorado’s Public Employees’ Retirement Association generate 17.4% returns on its investments — more than double its target — the state’s public pension still ended 2020 in worse financial shape than it started. PERA’s unfunded debt to […]

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More than 40% of Coloradans don’t have a retirement plan at work. The state seeks to change that.

When Pete Turner, founder of the fresh-burrito chain Illegal Pete’s, decided to offer 401(k) plans to employees a few years ago, it was tedious and time consuming. A staffer now spends 60 hours a year managing the retirement program. But it’s worth it to Turner, who wanted to provide more for his workers other than […]

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As Coloradans grow older, there’s a push for policies that benefit all ages

Janine Vanderburg led 42 workshops across the state in 2018 to learn about the concerns older adults had about aging or ageism. One issue became clear. Adults were working longer — and wanted to — but they often felt discrimination in the workplace or during the hiring process. “People said, ‘That workplace discrimination issue that […]