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Supporters of Colorado’s pay-transparency law eye protections for workers “blackballed” by national employers

Democratic state lawmakers behind a law requiring companies to include a salary range in any job posting are eyeing changes to the policy following reports that out-of-state employers are refusing to hire Coloradans to work for them remotely because of the provision.  But the lawmakers and other proponents of the 2019 legislation aren’t interested in […]

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Colorado may expand early prison release program for people who committed serious crimes before age 21

Eric Davis was 17 years old when he shot and killed a man during an armed robbery.  As a result, Davis spent most of his adult life in prison. But now, at age 52, he’s living free again because of a 2016 law that gave Coloradans serving long prison sentences for serious crimes they committed […]

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Colorado cities can’t force developers to build affordable housing. Democratic lawmakers want to change that.

More than two decades ago, Telluride’s leaders were grappling with the growing pains of a booming resort industry. Housing prices shot up, forcing many workers to live outside of San Miguel County.  The town responded by passing an ordinance in 1994 requiring developers to create affordable housing for a portion of the new workers generated […]

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Two paychecks from eviction: Coronavirus shined a light on Colorado housing instability

Before the coronavirus pandemic, and before an economic crisis that pushed unemployment to historic levels, Colorado policymakers were already working on plans to equalize the power between landlords and tenants. Back in 2019, what was dubbed the “year of the renter,” a slate of Democrat-backed bills at the statehouse never materialized. A few new laws […]

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There’s a push to increase fines for Colorado polluters and directly help impacted communities

The Western Sugar Cooperative sugar beet processing plant in Fort Morgan was ordered to pay a $2 million fine to Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment in May 2018 for egregious water and air quality violations.  Like most penalties collected from CDPHE, the money was funneled primarily into the state’s general fund, which pays […]