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recall election

recall election

The attempted recall of Mesa County’s clerk comes up short. But the battle over her office isn’t over.

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters will remain in office as claims of election violations wind through review along with an independent auditor’s report.

Forgotten ballots. Allegations of errors. Missed deadlines: The recall of Mesa County’s clerk is a political potboiler

First-term Republican Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters is trying to fend off an effort to remove her from office

Idaho Springs mayor survives recall effort that leaders feared would stall development

Unofficial results from the city's clerk show 348 people cast votes opposing the recall while 244 wanted to oust Michael Hillman, who is in his second term as mayor.

Will Michael Bloomberg’s deep financial ties to Colorado translate into votes on Super Tuesday?

The Democratic presidential candidate is going door-to-door to remind voters about his help passing tougher gun regulations in the state

Idaho Springs voters will decide whether to recall Mayor Michael Hillman after signatures are verified

Recall backers collected about twice the number of signatures required. The recall election will be held in February, March or April

Colorado’s recall fever arrives in Idaho Springs, where leaders fear damage to their town’s renaissance

Mayor Michael Hillman is being targeted because of what some in the Clear Creek County community fear is too much change too quickly without enough citizen input

Nicolais: Here’s why we ought to be outraged with outrage in politics

A year away from the 2020 election, it’s a good time to learn a few lessons in civility from leaders in both parties

Campaign to recall Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia fails, decides not to turn in all of its signatures

The effort said they will turn in about 120 signatures, but not all of the ones they collected, in protest of what they said was "voter intimidation"

Nicolais: Recall efforts exposed an existential crisis for Colorado Republicans

With multiple recalls collapsing over the past two weeks, the Colorado GOP ground game and credibility have taken major hits

Drew Litton: Total recall

Attempted recalls of Democratic state senators dead after proponents decide not to turn in signatures

The campaigns to recall Democratic state Sens. Pete Lee and Brittany Pettersen told the Colorado Secretary of State's office on Tuesday that will not be turning in the signatures they collected

Interest in reforming Colorado’s system to recall elected officials is building — on both sides of the aisle

Republican state Sen. Jack Tate and Democratic state Rep. Tom Sullivan, both of Centennial and former political rivals, are leading the push for change

Jared Polis recall backers say they don’t have enough signatures to force election to oust Colorado’s governor

Friday was the end of a 60-day window in which supporters of the recall needed to collect 631,266 valid signatures

The top Democratic and Republican pollsters in Colorado agree: 2020 is not looking good for the GOP

The turnout models in two recent 2020 polls favor voting populations kind to Democrats and ones that don’t support President Donald Trump

Who’s signing the petition to recall Gov. Jared Polis? People who feel left out in Colorado.

In three places, the critics of the Democratic governor use the recall to voice their frustrations, even as campaign gets off to slow start

A question to repeal national popular vote compact in Colorado is poised for 2020 ballot

The organizers with Coloradans Vote say they have enough signatures for submission Aug. 1 as Gov. Jared Polis defends efforts to "get rid of" the Electoral College

Recall petitions approved for 2 Democratic state senators as Colorado Republicans’ recall effort kicks into gear

Colorado state Sens. Pete Lee and Brittany Pettersen are now formally being targeted by recall elections

Democrat Jared Polis takes same stage as Donald Trump Jr. to tout bipartisanship amid shouts for “recall”

The focus of the Western Conservative Summit in Denver is how to dismantle the agenda that Polis and Democratic lawmakers in Colorado put in place

To recall Jared Polis, critics must get 10,521 voter signatures a day. Here’s what else you need to know.

An organization called Dismiss Polis is behind the petition to oust the Democratic governor, but it does not have support from other recall committees.

Nicolais: Colorado Republicans must move from “r-e-c-a-l-l” to “r-e-b-u-i-l-d”

Multiple failed recall bids have exposed the Republican Party’s lack of influence and strength in Colorado

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