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The Western Slope economy was already improving. Then Opportunity Zones added a power boost.

MONTROSE — David Dragoo leans over a balcony of the new headquarters for his Mayfly Outdoors. Inside, workers are forging high-end fly-fishing equipment. Outside, earth movers crawl across a dusty tract near cyclists leisurely pedaling along the lush banks of the Uncompahgre River.  “Ten years ago, it just wasn’t cool to be here. It didn’t […]

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With or without WeWork, Colorado’s coworking industry sees sustainable growth in flexible office space

The inquiries started coming into Galvanize shortly after its coworking-space rival, WeWork, began publicly imploding.  The interest in tech educator Galvanize, which also rents out month-to-month office space via memberships, came not just from one- to two-person startups, but larger companies needing dozens or more than 100 seats for a year or two — a […]

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Northwest Colorado housing authority settles lawsuit over companion animals for $1 million

By Kathleen Foody, The Associated Press A Colorado housing authority accused of violating the federal rights of tenants with disabilities by charging a fee for companion animals has settled a lawsuit for nearly $1 million. The agreement followed a three-year fight over the Meeker Housing Authority’s efforts to tighten restrictions on keeping pets at the […]

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The man who developed Colorado’s mountains sees a bright future ahead for places that are “a retreat from the crazy changing world”

Harry Frampton has enjoyed a front-row seat to the sweeping evolution of Colorado’s ski resort and real estate industries. His 1,250-employee East West Partners forged the Beaver Creek real estate market in the late 1980s and 1990s before moving on to a lonely patch of land along Denver’s South Platte River in 2000. Since then, […]

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Focus on language helped drive down injuries for Spanish-speaking construction workers in Colorado

Cristobal Delgado spent three years working as a roofer after moving to the U.S. from Panama. He took a risk on every roof that he climbed because he’d never received a minute of safety training. He mentioned this during a fall-protection safety seminar given by his new employer, Haselden Construction in Centennial, which put the […]

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Denver’s Westwood warily watches redevelopment happen. Can it stay true to its roots when gentrification looms?

Mayra Martinez can roll out of bed in an apartment that’s among the newest construction in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood and slip behind her desk at the law firm across the street in a matter of minutes. She pays a little over $1,000 a month for the one-bedroom space, utilities included. That’s a bargain in the […]

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Lawsuits, lenders and irked homeowners creating chaos around the sale of Granby Ranch ski resort

As an unnamed buyer circles Grand County’s privately owned Granby Ranch ski area, a roiling circus of family, lenders and homeowners is assailing resort owner Marise Cipriani. It’s not a pretty scene at the picturesque 5,000-acre ski and golf resort along the Fraser River, which Brazilian developer Cipriani has owned since 1995 and put on […]

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Cabin, RV and glamping resort promises to transform Granby as development wave rolls through Grand County

GRANBY — From atop a snowy knoll along the icy headwaters of the Colorado River, Derek Wilson beckons across a field of beeping, growling earthmovers. “Really, our plan is about what people want,” says Wilson, an executive with Sun Communities, the nation’s largest builder of manufactured home communities that is betting big on the expanding […]

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A Denver construction company’s tech saved it lots of time and money. Then it shared with competitors — for free

Ripping out the foundation for a new building because someone miscalculated by a few feet apparently happens more often than one would think. The mishap is one of a multitude of costly errors that can occur in the professional construction industry. So, a few years ago, PCL Construction invested in a team of technologists to […]