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Littwin: The debate about vaccines and stem cells is the latest twist. By the way, the pope says it’s “suicidal” not to be vaccinated.

The news could have been worse, but it was bad enough. We got the message from my 6-year-old’s elementary school on Thursday night that he might have to be quarantined because of a possible COVID infection in his first-grade class. The next day, we hear that the quarantine would, in fact, be put in place, […]

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Coronavirus lockdowns in prisons test limits of Colorado’s rules on solitary confinement

Last summer, Matthew Harter, a 50-year-old from Lakewood, was incarcerated at Centennial Correctional Facility South, a prison in Cañon City, when he started to have trouble breathing.  Harter didn’t have COVID-19. He had anxiety, he said, because he was in quarantine, alone in his cell, which was about the size of a parking space, for […]

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Big idea: Colorado could extend to-go cocktails beyond coronavirus to make them the “law of the land”

It’s about the only thing from the pandemic that people want to keep.  A bipartisan bill up for debate this legislative session would allow the to-go Moscow mules, Manhattans and margaritas that became a welcome part of quarantine life for many Coloradans to keep flowing.  Lawmakers last summer passed legislation to allow restaurants to continue […]

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New Colorado coronavirus guidelines could mean fewer school quarantines, more in-person learning

New Colorado state guidance could mean fewer teachers have to quarantine at home after a positive case of COVID-19 at their school, allowing more classrooms to stay open. The guidance, released Wednesday, comes after district superintendents advocated for increased flexibility on who to send home when students or staff members test positive. The new rules […]

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Colorado lawmakers focus on essential workers amid coronavirus, push to make paid sick leave a right for all

To lift public health restrictions and reopen Colorado, Democratic lawmakers say the first step is to protect essential workers like Mirja McDade in the retail and service industries. McDade’s past jobs in the restaurant industry didn’t include paid sick time, so she worked regardless of her health. “The food industry is probably the worst as […]