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Littwin: Trump may lose the election, but don’t expect the end of Trumpism any time soon

In Colorado, which Biden is expected to carry, Cory Gardner’s seat is in real jeopardy. If he loses, how much of it would be his fault and how much would it be Trump’s?


Nicolais: This isn’t 2016 all over again. Here’s hoping for less drama at the polls.

While President Donald Trump pulled off an upset for the ages four years ago, his chances appear far slimmer going into Election Day 2020

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Colorado vote tracker: Here’s a look at turnout in the 2020 election

A statewide analysis and breakdown of the top 11 counties shows Democrats hold the vote edge in Colorado

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How to tell who’s behind political messages flooding screens in Colorado ahead of the 2020 election

The political ads appearing on TV and social media and arriving in mailboxes are designed to influence voters, but the sender can be difficult to discern

Littwin: It was a normal debate, meaning America gets a break and the Biden-Harris ticket gets the win

There was more to this debate than the fly and differences on COVID-19. There was also a serious case of Pence mansplaining, which probably didn’t help Trump at all with the women’s vote.

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Honks, flags and fistfights: America’s election tension has boiled over at one Colorado intersection

The four corners of Broadway and Highlands Ranch Parkway have become political ground zero in Denver’s conservative southern suburb. But it could be any intersection in America.