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Colorado tourism suffered a $9 billion loss in 2020. Lodging properties were hardest hit.

Local travelers did their best to make up for lost bookings, but missing meetings and conventions did a number on earnings


Denver isn’t pursuing a true-up with charter schools that got federal coronavirus loans

Across the country, charter and private schools got $6 billion in paycheck protecting funding, according to Education Week


Can televised Russian face-slapping save Denver’s sports bars?

Tavern owners answer COVID-19 lull with high-tech gadgetry and quirky new offerings


What’s Working: How will help get the jobless paid, a Denver program offering employers $6,000 to hire

Unemployment updates, fraud alerts, Paycheck loans and a list of what could come in the next federal relief plan.


Updated federal coronavirus loan program offers more relief, but not all Colorado businesses are eligible

The new congressional coronavirus relief bill now allows small businesses to deduct expenses paid for by forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loan funds and other federal grants


$900 billion coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress, sent to Trump

Deal includes direct payments to individuals, including $600 per dependent child in a family. Money should be hitting bank accounts early next week, White House says.


New form isn’t the “blanket forgiveness” some Colorado businesses hoped for in federal paycheck loan program

Months after the federal Paycheck Protection Program ended, some lenders are still waiting on guidance to forgive Colorado’s 109,170 pandemic relief loans


A mission-minded loan source that doesn’t care if you’re a startup with no experience, revenues or credit

CDFIs, like Colorado Enterprise Fund, provide underserved communities with capital when banks say no. The niche is attracting investors seeking impact, including Google and Netflix


Black-owned businesses weighed down by coronavirus struggle to stay afloat

Businesses in underserved neighborhoods of Colorado say federal pandemic-relief programs didn't come through for them, so they are leaning on private foundations or going it alone.


Here’s the latest look at which Colorado businesses received Paycheck Protection Program loans — and how much they got

Search the 109,170 small businesses that received a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan in Colorado, though most business names were withheld.


Colorado’s final count: 109,170 businesses approved for $10.4 billion in federal coronavirus loans

As Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness gets started, changes that made loans more palatable to business owners meant less focus on workers


Opinion: Colorado’s overlooked but mighty small businesses still have time to grab a lifeline

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Smaller ski areas retain their workers with help of federal coronavirus stimulus money

Granby Ranch, Hesperus, Loveland, Monarch, Powderhorn, Purgatory, Ski Echo, Ski Sunlight, Silverton Mountain and Wolf Creek qualified for a cumulative $5 million to $13 million in PPP loans, enabling them to keep employees paid during the pandemic


Calling Colorado’s unemployment line? You might end up talking to a Google-powered AI

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is also working to address $17.5 million in overpayments, a depleted Trust Fund and the approaching end of $600 weekly pandemic payments


Opinion: We helped 150 Colorado companies navigate the coronavirus. Here’s what we learned.

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