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What’s Working: Colorado’s blood-plasma industry grew by 170,000 square feet this week

A decline in global plasma donations during the pandemic has one Colorado company hoping to reverse the trend in order to help people with rare and chronic diseases. Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies opened a new manufacturing plant this week and plans to hire several hundred workers.  But first, in economic news, two Colorado counties […]

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Convalescent plasma isn’t quite the coronavirus miracle treatment it was supposed to be. What happened?

Back in the spring, the pleas for donated plasma from coronavirus survivors were desperate. Doctors hoped then that the antibodies from survivors’ blood could save the sickest patients from succumbing to the virus.  Now, 10 months into the pandemic, there is no evidence that convalescent plasma — the liquid part of blood collected from patients […]

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If you’ve recovered from coronavirus, Colorado hospitals want your blood. It might save another patient’s life.

It took less than eight hours for Dr. Kyle Annen to get the plasma — not just any blood donation, but one from a patient who had recovered from the new coronavirus and had the antibodies that might save someone else.  The clock started ticking when a physician at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital called […]