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Colorado parks are full and getting fuller. How will the state decide who gets in, and who gets hurt?

Lake Pueblo hosted 3.4 million last year. Jeffco Open Space estimated 7 million users in 2021. That’s right. 7 million. But efforts to control crowds raise questions of equity and access.


Westminster clears controversial Uplands development proposal for “the Farm”

Three nights of fraught testimony ended early Tuesday with boos as the city council OK'd the Uplands development, which will bring 2,350 homes to an undeveloped corner of town.


Plastic hippos are out. Colorado playgrounds are getting a more natural makeover.

Parks departments along the Front Range are working with the land to create spaces that the next generation will actually use.


Opinion: Women can find more outdoor fitness opportunities if cities expand park permits

The pandemic pushed exercise classes outside, and fitness coaches can keep the momentum going with shared-use permits

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Colorado Springs’ America the Beautiful Park was once home to dozens of families. Here’s their story.

The park stands on what used to be the Conejos neighborhood in downtown Colorado Springs, a vibrant and diverse working-class community


Who are parks for? Proposed housing development has Westminster neighbors fighting for space.

Some residents fear being shut out of coveted parkland as developer eyes new subdivision at “The Farm”


Colorado state parks report record high visitation rates in 2020

The record figure is about 53% higher than the agency's 2013-14 fiscal year, when 11.9 million visitors were counted at the 41 state parks


Opinion: Colorado leaders must innovate to rebuild Colorado better

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Opinion: Let’s put Colorado back on track to fund and protect our state parks

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Opinion: When it comes to Denver’s geese, their voices must be heard, too. Let’s talk.

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Opinion: What’s good for the goose? Not a home in the city — and their presence isn’t so good for the rest of us, either.

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Opinion: The mass killing of Denver’s geese is cause for concern and outrage

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After growing up in proximity to military contamination, author felt moved to examine how lands were converted to wildlife refuge

David Havlick's field work sent him all over the world -- including pedaling through central Europe and researching militarized sites in Japan

SunLit Interviews

On militarized landscapes in Colorado and beyond, can we successfully preserve both history and environment?

In "Bombs Away," the author examines sites like Rocky Flats and Hanford in search of ways restoration can "honor the sacrifices demanded of both nature and culture"

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Rocky Mountain National Park begins tapping recreation fees to pay some workers

Some staff may soon get paid, but ripple effect has contractors unable to get back pay, research on hold and local shops searching for sales alternatives

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“This just does not happen”: A Garden of the Gods garbage heap is revealing big clues about the founder of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs’ founder, William Jackson Palmer, left clues about his life in a trash dump that archaeologists have been sifting through for weeks