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north fork valley

north fork valley
north fork valley

Federal judge blocks plan for 35 gas wells on national forest land in western Colorado 

A U.S. District Court vacates federal agencies’ approval of drilling by Bill Koch’s Gunnison Energy, agreeing with an environmental coalition’s lawsuit.


West Elk mine cannot leak methane, must flare the greenhouse gas, judge rules

Environmental coalition hails burning methane as a big improvement over leaking it into atmosphere at the North Fork area dig owned by Arch Resource


Colorado ranchers are selling off cattle to survive another year of dried-up grass and parched soil

The land is so thirsty, water is soaked up before it can reach reservoirs, crops


Colorado’s North Fork Valley finds “baby-step” solutions to tackle its big problem with methane-leaking mines

Entrepreneur Chris Caskey is harvesting sediment from Paonia Reservoir for tile and pavers with plans to tap leaking coal mines for methane to power kilns


Opinion: Colorado’s Bureau of Land Management lawsuit needs to go forward, even with Biden’s oil and gas pause

At stake is a plan that allows expanded energy development across a vast area of western Colorado.

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Colorado oil and gas industry blasts Biden’s pause on public lands drilling as environmental advocates cheer

The orders are intended to cut emissions from oil, gas and coal to help slow some of the worst effects of climate change


Colorado sues Bureau of Land Management over Western Slope management plan from William Perry Pendley

The state’s argument that Pendley, the BLM’s “acting director,” did not have the authority to approve anything mirrors a federal case in Montana that overturned three resource-management plans.


Grape disappointment: Colorado vineyards say an October freeze will chill their 2021 vintage

Bad luck merges with the pandemic to cork the state’s wine production, but past years’ surplus provides solace


Opinion: Colorado’s farm-to-table capital is under threat from drilling

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How fly-fishing lessons and movie soundtracks figured into a Colorado author’s “Stolen Heart”

The romance author relied on a life spent in the North Fork Valley to inform her setting, but to make the characters real she had some learning to do -- including about dairy farms

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