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Opinion: Invest in Colorado’s nonprofits to assure an equitable pandemic recovery

As leaders of Colorado nonprofits that work in underserved and under-resourced communities of color and rural areas of the state, we’ve seen firsthand over the past two years the devastating and disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 crisis. As we rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, we need to ensure an equitable recovery for all, […]

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Pritchett: Conservation from 1,500 feet reveals an important — if slightly unnerving — perspective

We all have our favorite “little-engine that could” nonprofits—the ones not on most people’s radar, not the Red Cross or UNICEF, but rather the little fellas doing enormous work. My favorite actually has little engines, housed in a few Cessnas, and a few little dogs to boot. EcoFlight is the one for me, not only […]

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A tutoring program cultivates community bonds to help Latinx students in Boulder County

When HollyAnne Giffin began tutoring 12-year-old Gabriel Fernandez last winter, they worked on math homework via Zoom. As they got to know one another, they took adventures beyond their screens. Last spring, they experimented with elephant toothpaste at a neighborhood park, building on Fernandez’s middle school science curriculum. They took a bike ride and a hike. When […]

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Opinion: Colorado lawmakers should block a discriminatory law and help nonprofits and their clients

Colorado’s state and local governments exist to serve and benefit all Coloradans. Unfortunately, throughout our state’s history, policymakers have too often built and reinforced barriers that keep some Coloradans from benefiting equally from public services.  Several laws passed during the 2006 special legislative session are perfect examples of where policymakers built stronger barriers. Earlier that […]

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Many Colorado families struggle to afford pricey summer camps. A nonprofit is footing the bill for hundreds.

For many Colorado kids, options for summer break are limitless, from day and overnight camps to trips to museums and zoos. But for others, summer comes with far fewer opportunities, boiling down to those that are low cost or no cost. In many cases, how students spend their summer is dictated by the kinds of […]

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Opinion: The shadow pandemic requires new thinking to help those who need a safe home

As the world has sought safety and protection from the coronavirus pandemic inside our homes, these safe havens are also at the center of domestic violence.  Worldwide, the data is alarming with dramatic increases of calls to domestic abuse hotlines surging by 30-55% in places like the United Kingdom, France and Latin America, and across […]