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Colorado Sun journalists recognized with dozens of awards in Top of the Rockies journalism contest

The Colorado Sun won more than two dozen awards in the four-state Top of the Rockies journalism contest this weekend, receiving more recognition than any other Colorado news organization in its category. The Sun, competing in the “extra-large newsroom” category despite being less than half the size of many of its peers, earned 28 awards […]

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Silverman: Pay attention when authoritarians target journalists, here and abroad.

In your pursuit of truth, follow independent media. Pay attention when journalists leave a country. Perhaps you should follow.  If a government criminalizes the presentation of facts, or arguments based on evidence, then the fix is in. Such societies cannot succeed. March entered like a big, mean bear in Moscow. Russia’s last objective television and […]

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Hutchins’ year in review: Here’s what happened in Colorado’s media world in 2021

If 2020 was a bruiser for the local media business with layoffs, furloughs and deep cuts from COVID-19 thinning our news scene, 2021 ushered in a kind of “new normal.” The local media industry tentatively bounced back as the year produced a bumper crop of digital news startups from Boulder and Denver, Broomfield and Franktown, […]

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Opinion: All Coloradans deserve access to trustworthy sources of local news

As the hours tick down before Tuesday’s general election, the news headlines about the state of our democracy could not be more dispiriting: As of Oct. 29, just 16% of Colorado voters had cast ballots Yes, Colorado’s school board races are becoming more politicized. Election disinformation has Colorado clerks trying new tactics to reassure voters […]

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Opinion: The Earth’s dangerously warming temperature would seem to be a front-page story

If newspaper editors really wanted to bring proper attention to climate change, they would immediately dedicate a portion of their front page — say, lower left corner —  to an “Earth Watch” box that provides daily coverage of the issue. After all, no news story has more profound ramifications for readers than the very real […]

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Opinion: How Sen. Bennet can help save community news in Colorado

No matter what issue you care about most – public education, the environment, affordable housing, economic opportunities – Colorado news outlets like this one connect you to the news you need to think globally and act locally. Yet the financial collapse of reliable local news is a statewide and even a national crisis – and […]