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A breakdown of the latest campaign cash reports shows big money — and big spending — in Colorado

A year and a half before the 2020 election, the money race continues to define the top-tier political contests in Colorado. The candidates — from president to Congress — are spending significant time raising money to show support and viability in what is expected to be a long and expensive campaign.  Here are five takeaways […]

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Columbine students campaign to spread photos of mass-shooting victims as discussion of gun-violence physiology grows

There’s been a national push in recent years to erase the names of gunmen who commit mass shootings from the public sphere. But now a group of Columbine High School students are leading an effort to spread photos of their horrific acts to influence the conversation around gun control. The #MyLastShot campaign, launched this week, […]

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Coloradans undecided about national popular vote law, new poll shows, as idea becomes 2020 talking point

Coloradans are more likely to oppose than support the national popular vote bill that Gov. Jared Polis signed into law, according to a new poll, but more than a quarter say they’re not familiar at all with the policy that’s become a hot-button issue and an attack line against Democrats. The survey, by the Louisville-based […]

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Don’t like what state lawmakers do? Here’s how to recall a law in Colorado

Republicans frustrated with the Democratic agenda at the Capitol are pulling out all the stops trying to thwart their political foes. And one of the tactics they’re considering hasn’t been used since the Great Depression. Monument Mayor Don Wilson and Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese, both Republicans, say they want to ask voters to overturn […]

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Here’s how John Hickenlooper introduced himself to America in his presidential campaign kickoff

John Hickenlooper launched his bid for the presidency on Thursday by casting himself as the Democratic candidate who can rebuild America after four years of President Donald Trump. Pointing to his experience governing through tragedy in Colorado — from floods to fires to a mass shooting — Hickenlooper and his supporters talked of a new […]

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Colorado lawmakers are sparring over a plan to bypass the Electoral College. Here’s what’s at stake.

Colorado’s Republican lawmakers launched stiff opposition Monday to a Democratic effort to join a nationwide compact aiming to ensure a presidential candidate who seizes the national popular vote also wins the presidential election. Senate Bill 42 would essentially nullify the Electoral College system in such situations, including the 2016 presidential election. Democrat Hillary Clinton won […]

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It’s been a smooth ride for most Colorado voters, but even minor midterm glitches seem bigger in a volatile political climate

Absentee ballots that didn’t make it back to Denver. Some 61,000 Adams County ballots that wound up in storage for a week, instead of in voters’ hands. Drop-off boxes stuffed to the brim. Worries among voters whose drop-off sites blur county lines that their ballots might not be counted. It hasn’t been a silky smooth […]

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The country’s election integrity is in the hands of private companies — including one in Denver — with their own security problems

By Frank Bajak, AP Cybersecurity Writer It was the kind of security lapse that gives election officials nightmares. In 2017, a private contractor left data on Chicago’s 1.8 million registered voters — including addresses, birth dates and partial Social Security numbers — publicly exposed for months on an Amazon cloud server. Later, at a tense […]