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Want to understand the state of U.S. politics? Look no further than Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District primaries

Who is more progressive? Who is more supportive of President Donald Trump? Who is more electable? Who can get things done in Washington?  Those are the questions playing out in the Democratic and Republican primaries in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, which spans across the Western Slope into Pueblo.  On the Republican side is five-term incumbent […]

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Supreme Court worries about collateral damage — Frodo Baggins for president? — in Colorado’s Electoral College case

U.S. Supreme Court justices on Wednesday expressed anxiety about the potential impacts on presidential elections — including bribery and political chaos — of not reversing a federal court ruling in a case out of Colorado centering around the Electoral College.  Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser warned the court that not reversing the ruling made last […]

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Carman: Latino voters could tip the scales in the 2020 elections … if they show up at the polls

The ballots started landing in mailboxes in Colorado last week just as the Democrats’ fear of commitment seemed ready to render voters utterly paralyzed with indecision.  Democrats agree the country needs a Trump-buster in November, but who you gonna call? The decisions of the overwhelmingly white populations in Iowa and New Hampshire provided little in […]

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Opinion: Cory Gardner will do the right things — acquit President Trump and win in 2020

Donald J. Trump may be only the third U.S. president to be impeached. I say “may” because the Democrat-led Judiciary Committee’s star legal scholar witness, Harvard Professor Noah Feldman, has cast significant doubt on whether a House impeachment vote without actual delivery of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate qualifies as impeachment (his fellow […]

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Nicolais: Let’s thank the anonymous public servants who work with quiet dignity

Democrat or Republican, it’s difficult to argue that the career public servants who testified during the impeachment proceedings didn’t acquit themselves exceptionally well. I can’t help but hope that Coloradans will recognize the same quiet excellence they receive from many career public servants here in our own state. For the past two weeks, congressional witnesses […]

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Silverman: Let’s not hide from hard truths or label it fake news. Let’s talk about the impeachment hearings.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like OJ. A divided country watching sworn testimony and cross examination on live television from our Capitol. Talking head lawyers on both sides will saturate the cable TV networks.   Back in 1994 -95, I was a veteran Denver Chief Deputy DA called on by a hungry media for my […]

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Opinion: Congress should save Coloradans from sky-high air ambulance charges

At the moment, Congress is considering the Lower Health Care Cost Act, proposed by the Senate HELP Committee. It is an important step toward protecting patients from excessive air ambulance charges.  The draft bill would cap out-of-network rates to the local median negotiated in-network rate for the same insurer, thereby protecting patients with little negotiating power […]

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Opinion: I’m an immigrant, but we all have a duty to speak up in the face of danger.

You know what’s really scary about “Send her back”? A confirmation of the unspoken right-wing belief that non-whites are inherently not American or are at best only conditionally American — a privilege that can be instantly revoked when your patriotism is in doubt.  And apparently speaking up against the government met the removal criteria. No […]