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Colorado’s already low childhood vaccination rates plummet as parents put off doctor visits

Families avoiding immunization appointments for fear of COVID-19 contagion are further undercutting Colorado’s abysmal childhood vaccination rates, state health leaders say, raising the possibility of new outbreaks of previously vanquished illnesses such as measles or diphtheria. Childhood immunizations in the first two months of the outbreak have dropped nearly 20% from a year ago at […]

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Colorado’s near-lowest vaccination rates have schools ready to enforce state law to prevent an outbreak

Concern that Colorado is vulnerable to a major outbreak of measles, mumps or whooping cough has prompted a few school districts to try something new: follow state law. Colorado requires that school districts exclude students from school if they do not have up-to-date immunizations or exemptions on file. But most districts do not follow that […]

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Opinion: There’s a nationwide measles outbreak. We still must act to keep Colorado children safe.

TWith just days left in the Colorado Legislature, an important bill that would have improved the state’s dangerously low vaccination rates died in the Senate. Senate leadership said it wasn’t on their “must do” list, and Republicans seemed ready to try to stop the measure, based largely on philosophical ideology and partly on misinformation about […]

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Immigration detention center in Aurora opens to media amid criticism of mumps, chicken pox quarantines

Most of the bright-blue bunk beds lined up in rows were empty by midday Monday, though a few detainees were still trying to sleep under bright lights and matching blankets. Others — all flown to Colorado from the Mexican border — read newspapers or chatted at small tables in their dormitory at the immigration detention […]