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Dark-sky designations bring the promise of starry nights — and tourist dollars — to rural Colorado

ORCHARD — The first weekend Jackson Lake State Park received its certification from the International Dark-Sky Association, ranger Amy Brandenburg saw more than the Milky Way on her night patrols. Campers gathered like the moths and midges that used to swarm around the buildings at night before the park went dark. The grounds were full […]

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Carman: The moon landing’s legacy: a generation with pie-in-the-sky ambitions

The summer of 1969 was a wild one.  Muhammad Ali was convicted of draft dodging and in the process the court legitimized J. Edgar Hoover’s wiretapping of the African American icon’s phones for so-called “national security” reasons. Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge and into a pond at Chappaquiddick, which killed Mary Jo […]

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Next U.S. moon landing will be by private companies — possibly one from Colorado — not NASA

By Marcia Dunn, The Associated Press CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — America’s next moon landing will be made by private companies — not NASA. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced Thursday that nine U.S. companies — including two from Colorado — will compete to deliver experiments to the lunar surface. The space agency will buy the service and […]