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Colorado’s Aerospace Alley prepares for Space Command move to Alabama

In February, the Defense Department — operating under new President Joe Biden — announced it would investigate the circumstances behind Trump’s Space Command decision


Sorry, Grinch. Coronavirus won’t stop Colorado-based NORAD from tracking Santa.

Normally, 150-160 volunteers crowd into a conference room at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, taking two-hour shifts to answer the phones as eager children call to see if Santa and his sleigh have reached their rooftops


General becomes 1st Black head of U.S. Air Force Academy

Lt. Gen. Richard Clark also became the first former commandant of cadets to return to the top position at the academy near Colorado Springs


Air Force Academy eases social distancing restrictions after 2 cadet suicides

Emails obtained from the academy show the Colorado Springs base had received complaints about how the policies made the school prison-like for about 1,000 seniors who remained on the campus


For war-weary veterans, a dose of “adventure therapy” can help them ski off the war

A four-day mission took veterans across the Sneffels Range and through “Break-a-Bone Meadow” to help deal with their demons. “This can be a cathedral for people,” one vet said.


Space Force will start small — and potentially have Colorado footprint — but let Trump claim a big win

U.S. Space Command is located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs already and the state could benefit from Space Force's creation


Grand Junction weapons company to pay $1 million for selling Army subpar grenade launchers

Capco LLC supplied the Army with M320 grenade launchers between July 2016 and March 2018 even though company officials knew the launchers’ barrels did not meet specifications

Crime and Courts

Final duty: These Colorado veterans ensure every comrade is honored at Fort Logan


What’d I Miss?: What is it good for?


General: U.S. faces “Sputnik moment” in space race as Space Command is re-launched in Colorado Springs

The initial Space Command headquarters is Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, which is also home to other units with space operations, including missile defense warning systems


Michael Bennet: Colorado is the obvious choice for the new U.S. Space Command’s home

Opinion Columns

$8 million military construction project at Colorado Springs base shifted to pay for border wall

A spokesman for Colorado’s Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner said in March that the Trump administration promised not to cut funds from military bases in the state for fiscal year 2019

Politics and Government

Denver is one of two finalists for a Medal of Honor Museum

The National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation is expected to make a final decision by October


“It’s been awhile”: A Colorado congressman jumped out of a plane to commemorate D-Day

U.S. Rep. Jason Crow, an Aurora Democrat and former Army Ranger, was one of two members of Congress to participate in the Normandy event on Sunday

Politics and Government

A cybersecurity worker shortage in Colorado has the industry tapping veterans to fill the gap

The security-focused bootcamp SecureSet finds 40% of its students are veterans while Colorado Springs is building a city to keep people transitioning out of the military


On militarized landscapes in Colorado and beyond, can we successfully preserve both history and environment?

In "Bombs Away," the author examines sites like Rocky Flats and Hanford in search of ways restoration can "honor the sacrifices demanded of both nature and culture"

Book Excerpts

The Air Force Academy chapel is leaky and corroding. But repairs have been on hold for months.

The chapel attracts 800,000 visits a year


Restaurants, job training and low(er) home prices: A dive into why Colorado Springs’ economy is booming

The city leads the state for employment growth in 2018 and 2019, thanks to diversity in business, age, health care, cybersecurity.