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A Snapchat video of a 13-year-old boy’s suicide roiled a Colorado town — and left police chasing social media ghosts

DACONO — On a May night just after the end of the school year, 13-year-old Von Mercado opened a Snapchat video call and set his cellphone on the ground in his backyard. Then he climbed a ladder next to a tree and stepped off.  The girl he had a crush on, the one who had […]

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Opinion: Justice comes in many forms. Here’s how wrongs can be turned into good policy and laws.

It’s hard to consume the news these days without seeing stories about terrible things happening. But sometimes, new legal rights come from very horrible wrongs. That’s because we believe that no one is above the law, and all people, organizations and governments should be held accountable when their behavior recklessly harms others.  In Colorado, there […]

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Coloradans keep rejecting statewide tax questions to fund transportation. Democrats are now eyeing a regional approach.

Coloradans have rejected statewide tax questions to pay for badly needed road improvements and repairs in back-to-back years, most recently earlier this month with Proposition CC. But Democrats are still driven to find a long-term funding pipeline to address problems like crumbling infrastructure and congestion. While their preference remains to find a catch-all fix — […]

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Colorado gun stores still sell high-capacity magazines despite 2013 law banning them

By Marshall Zelinger, Anna Hewson and Zack Newman, 9News  A state law banning the sale and transfer of large-capacity gun magazines has not stopped the sale and transfer of magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition. An undercover investigation by 9Wants to Know found examples of gun stores in Colorado either ignoring the […]

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Colorado’s former attorney general wanted grand jury investigation of priest abuse scandal — but didn’t get it

Former Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman says she would have preferred a criminal investigation of child sex abuse in the state’s three Catholic dioceses and that she talked to former Gov. John Hickenlooper about the prospect of launching one. But as Coffman worked to find a way last year to account for priests’ behavior, she […]

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How California’s data privacy law will change your online experience — no matter where you live

Whether it’s a Social Security number or your mother’s maiden name, it could be easier to find out the personal data companies have about you — and ask them to delete it — starting Jan. 1. That’s when a strict California law goes into effect requiring businesses, including many in Colorado, to make changes like […]

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Colorado’s consumer protection laws are getting much tougher — and that could help with the state’s opioid lawsuit

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser campaigned on a platform of protecting the state’s consumers from bad-acting businesses. But when he took office in January, he quickly believed that the state’s laws provided him with an arsenal of spitballs to battle a problem that really needed a cannonball-sized solution. “I took office and very quickly there […]

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The good, the bad and the complicated: How Colorado’s electric vehicle laws changed this session

Rivian, the buzzy automaker promising an electric pick-up truck by late 2020, had state lawmakers’ attention during the legislative session — if only for a few minutes. In those moments during a House committee hearing last month, a representative from the Michigan company shared that Colorado has a special place in the company’s future. “In […]

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Colorado’s prisons offer free tampons to female inmates. The state’s jails might soon be required to as well.

Women locked up in state prisons have access to free tampons, but that’s not the case in all of Colorado’s jails. House Bill 1224 making its way through the Colorado General Assembly mandates that every county and municipal jail offer free feminine hygiene products to inmates who need them. Colorado lawmakers in 2017 passed a […]

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Don’t like what state lawmakers do? Here’s how to recall a law in Colorado

Republicans frustrated with the Democratic agenda at the Capitol are pulling out all the stops trying to thwart their political foes. And one of the tactics they’re considering hasn’t been used since the Great Depression. Monument Mayor Don Wilson and Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese, both Republicans, say they want to ask voters to overturn […]