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job losses

job losses
job losses

In rural Colorado, one town is looking to its community college to help survive the end of coal

Leaders of Craig see a tight window of opportunity to build a new economic base, provide residents replacement jobs, and ensure the city’s survival.


Colorado unemployment claims spike as federal benefits restart. But fraud is distorting the picture.

More than 75,000 Coloradans reopened their unemployment claim in order to collect new aid from Congress.


Colorado labor department blames fraud for 63% spike in new unemployment claims

New claims were unusually high in the week after Christmas -- even though pandemic benefits were no longer available. Fraudsters are now targeting the state’s regular unemployment system.


Coronavirus killed a lot of Colorado jobs, but it also created a host of new ones in technology

Zoom, the videoconferencing service that became a verb and has an office in Denver, increased its global workforce 42%, while other tech companies grew despite the pandemic.


Unemployed and nearly homeless, jobless Coloradans whose benefits are on hold are crying for help

Those stuck in Colorado's overwhelmed unemployment system are struggling with basic survival


Colorado to extend state benefits to the unemployed for 13 more weeks

Gov. Jared Polis planning to apply to FEMA for $300 bonus weekly unemployment pay through President Donald Trump's executive order


Fraudulent unemployment claims continue in Colorado, but 30-50% were stopped “at the front door”

New unemployment claims for the first time last week dropped below the highest point of the Great Recession.


Audio: The end of the unemployment boost in Colorado

Tamara Chuang talks with KUNC's Colorado Edition about her story


The $600 federal unemployment benefit is ending. Here’s what that means for out-of-work Coloradans.

The state added 100,000 workers to the labor force in June, a recovery of about 37% of jobs lost between February and April. But coronavirus infections are on the rise, and new safety restrictions are being enacted.


Another 79,000 Coloradans filed for unemployment last week, bringing coronavirus total to more than 350,000

The new numbers indicate that Coloradans have been losing their jobs at a fairly steady clip over the past five weeks with no signs of the damage leveling out or slowing down.