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Zornio: Marshall fire insurance analysis proves every homeowner needs to check their policy

With the cost of real estate soaring, breaking into Colorado’s housing market can feel like a dream come true. But if disaster strikes, owning a home can quickly turn into a financial nightmare. In Boulder County, many residents are learning this the hard way.  After the most destructive blaze in the state’s history, hundreds of […]

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Majority of homeowners trying to rebuild after the Marshall fire may be massively underinsured, analysis finds

As many as two-thirds of those who lost homes in the Marshall fire lack enough insurance to fully cover their rebuilding costs, according to a new analysis by the Colorado Division of Insurance. The division has been looking at claims from 61 different insurance companies related to the Marshall fire, which destroyed more than 1,000 […]

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Zornio: Marshall fire victims battling insurance companies need to know about DORA

More than six weeks after the most costly blaze in Colorado’s history, many victims of the Marshall fire are facing the next uphill battle: Insurance recovery. It’s been well established that many residents are underinsured or not insured at all. This comes with its own challenges, largely met by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But […]

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Coloradans struggle to navigate insurance after losing a home to wildfire. State lawmakers want to make it easier.

Three days before the East Troublesome fire obliterated more than 300 homes, Amanda and Craig Shindledecker left their house in Granby and drove to their other residence in Lakewood to escape the smoke. They made a plan when the fire started: If flames crossed Colorado 125, Craig would drive back to Granby to gather valuables […]

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Survivors share what they’ve learned from their painful experience with Colorado wildfires

Sun staff writers Jason Blevins, Tamara Chuang, Shannon Najmabadi, Olivia Prentzel and Kevin Simpson contributed to this story. Colorado has endured some major catastrophic wildfires over the past decade. But if there’s any silver lining to all that devastation, it’s that the survivors have learned some valuable lessons about how to proceed in their aftermath. […]

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Sen. Buckner, Reps. Esgar and Ricks: Our legislation aims to bring accountability and transparency to the insurance industry

This was a historic year at the Colorado legislature. We invested in our state’s small businesses and local economies, we worked to save people money on health care and prescription drugs, we revamped our tax code to benefit working families instead of the most profitable corporations, and we invested in mental health care throughout the […]

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Opinion: We’re a teacher, a firefighter and a nurse. Here’s how a Colorado insurance measure would hurt good drivers like us.

There is little question that the sponsors of Senate Bill 169 have good intentions, seeking to protect consumers from unfair discrimination in insurance ratings.  But SB 169 is unnecessary, overly broad, and would create far-reaching consequences.  In fact, we believe the measure would likely result in arbitrary increases in insurance rates on good drivers and […]