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Fraudsters foiled by Colorado’s unemployment office as number of new out-of-work claims decline

State rolls out fraud prevention tips in case you’re one of those employed folks who received unemployment notices in the mail

Colorado’s unemployment fund could run out of money next month. Here’s what that means for businesses.

Some businesses will see a 54-85% hike in insurance premiums as Colorado's jobless fund becomes insolvent

Millions of older Americans live in counties with no ICU beds as coronavirus spread intensifies

There are ICU beds in only 19 of Colorado's 64 counties, according to the Kaiser Health News analysis

One in eight people struggle with infertility. Colorado lawmakers want insurance to cover treatment

The bill would require insurance to cover IVF and services to preserve eggs and sperm for patients undergoing lifesaving medical treatment like chemo.

Opinion: Colorado’s public option should maximize competition and affordability. Here’s how.

Speciality drugs are saving lives in Colorado and beyond. But who should pay for them?

High-profile cases in Colorado expose the disconnect between drug manufacturers and insurance companies in the era of personalized medicine

High-deductible plans jeopardize financial health of patients and rural hospitals in Colorado and beyond

In rural areas, where high-deductible plans are even more prevalent and incomes tend to be lower than in urban areas, patients often struggle to pay those deductibles

Your guide to all the ways health care may be about to change in Colorado

Health care looks to be one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- fight in the coming legislative session. How it turns out will shape how you receive and pay for medical services in the future.

As the teen mental health epidemic escalates, emergency rooms get innovative and a for-profit hospital sees an opening

A statewide review is attempting to pinpoint the gaps in care as one study finds kids go out of network up to 7 times more often for mental health care.

What would happen if the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — went away?

What would go away ― meaning which provisions consumers have become accustomed to ― if the law is eventually struck down? Let’s take a look.

Opinion: Protect Colorado’s Medicaid, CHP+ enrollees amid federal pressure

Return to sender: A single undeliverable letter can mean losing Medicaid in Colorado and other states

As returned mail piles up, Colorado and other states take increasingly drastic measures to work through the cumbersome backlog, lowering the bar for canceling benefits on the basis of returned mail alone

Already under investigation for her body-parts business, a Montrose woman has her state insurance license revoked

The Colorado Division of Insurance’s revocation order for Megan Hess cites allegations related to preneed funeral plans

Which was worse: A Colorado man’s bachelor party hangover or the hangover from his ER bill?

Cameron Fischer’s case is a sobering illustration of America’s health care system

Opinion: Health insurance companies want lower premiums. But here’s why they’re so high.

On the heels of Colorado effort, Trump administration to set up plan allowing prescription drugs from Canada

Colorado lawmakers passed a bill this year aiming to start a state-level Canadian imports program

Colorado attorney general intervenes in $4.3 billion DaVita-UnitedHealth merger just as deal is finalized

DaVita Medical Group owns two large physicians’ groups in Colorado Springs totaling more than 100 doctors, meaning the sale would have affected patients in the region

Focus on language helped drive down injuries for Spanish-speaking construction workers in Colorado

Efforts by insurers, construction companies and government to offer safety training also has financial benefit

Colorado’s new attorney general plans legal action against Trump administration over health care, citizenship question

Phil Weiser says “there is going to be an ongoing opportunity for us to join a range of lawsuits that are protecting our Colorado way of life (and) our population and standing up for the rule of law.”

Communities in the Colorado high country, hit hard by soaring premiums, offer medical cost-sharing programs to ease burden

State insurance regulators riled by plans that have so far lured Vail Valley, Summit County, Steamboat Springs and Leadville

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