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“Surrounded by toxicity”: As Colorado schools reopen, pandemic-fueled politics overwhelm classrooms

The faces of parents riled up by mask mandates in schools feels all too familiar to Mark Sass. It reminds him of the fury outside of schools during desegregation. And at schools like Legacy High School in Broomfield, he says, all the rancor over the coronavirus is keeping teachers from what counts: figuring out how […]

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Opinion: Medical professionals agree we should protect students’ health this fall. We don’t agree on how.

As a community pediatrician and parent of three school-aged children, I can tell you that not all pediatric medical providers agree with the recent letter sent to Gov. Jared Polis and leaders of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment by the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics in collaboration with state […]

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“Not waiting until summer”: Adams 14 leaders try to get ninth graders back on track after more than half fail two or more classes

Across the country, most students struggled with remote learning, but among high school freshmen in the Adams 14 district, more than half failed two or more of their classes last fall.  “Once they fail a class, they fall behind for four years,” said Ron Peterson, the high school turnaround specialist for MGT Consulting, the management […]

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Colorado’s substitute teacher shortage, worsened by coronavirus, could force some schools to close. Again.

Alamosa School District is so short on educators that all it might take is the quarantine of a single class to leave many kids without a teacher. That’s largely because the southern Colorado district of 2,178 students is battling a significant K-12 substitute teacher shortage. Coronavirus fears have chased a large percentage of the sub […]

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Thousands of kids in Colorado’s largest school districts didn’t show up for spring remote learning. The race is on to find them.

Colorado’s largest schools lost contact with thousands of students during spring remote learning prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Colorado Sun survey of the state’s largest districts, and are now rewriting attendance protocols and scrambling to acquire technology to make sure it doesn’t happen again.   Districts fell out of touch with students’ families […]