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Hugh McKean

Hugh McKean
Hugh McKean

A major Colorado legislative primary remains undecided, but incumbents fended off challengers from Colorado Springs to Loveland

Elisabeth Epps, a criminal justice activist, was Katie March, a former legislative aide, on Wednesday evening

Election 2022

Is calling Denver a “toilet bowl” a winning message for Colorado Republicans in 2022?

Denver and its surrounding counties, including Boulder, are Colorado’s population center. As such, they are home to most of the state’s House and Senate districts.

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A Democrat wants Colorado voters to eliminate a Capitol delay tactic the GOP has used many times

House Resolution 1002 would ask voters to remove a provision in the Colorado constitution requiring bills to be read at length upon request, which the Republican minority has turned to many times in recent years

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“You’re under threat”: Voting rights resolutions at Colorado statehouse become election-year pitch from Democrats

Republicans called the measures a partisan distraction aimed at drawing voters’ attention away from rising inflation and crime on Democrats’ watch

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“A fighting tone”: Colorado Republicans are heading into the 2022 legislative session on the offensive

Over the past three years the GOP’s main strategy at the Capitol has been to try to slow down the Democratic machine through delay tactics like long speeches in protest of legislation

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Colorado’s teacher shortage highlights need for more school funding, union boss says

The push to boost school funding and teacher pay comes as lawmakers are gearing up to debate just how much state money to give school districts next year

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Colorado doesn’t have a statewide building code. Would enacting one help protect homes against wildfire?

A handful of state lawmakers are interested in pursuing a statewide building code, in large part as a way to secure more federal grant money


Despite partisan rhetoric at the Colorado Capitol, just 4.4% of bills this year passed along purely party lines

The analysis, the second such study conducted by The Colorado Sun in three years, once again indicates more bipartisanship in the Colorado General Assembly than might be expected

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Another potential delay to Colorado’s redistricting process? Counting prisoners.

Colorado and eight other states are changing how they count prisoners for redistricting, so counties with prison-inflated populations don’t get more political representation than they should.

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Colorado lawmakers, governor unveil $700M state economic stimulus plan. Here’s where the money will go.

The money lawmakers are using to pay for the state stimulus plan comes from unexpected tax revenue.

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Nicolais: Principle and compromise – the time has come for Colorado Republicans

Colorado Republicans in the minority at the legislature could be more than just an opposition. They can chart a path forward.

Opinion Columns

Where do Colorado Republicans go from here?

No Republican running statewide has won more than 45% of the vote in the past two election cycles. Conservatives think Donald Trump is a big factor, but there's also broad agreement the party has a messaging problem, too.

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Colorado Democrats debate need for diversity in selecting their statehouse leadership

The debate among Democrats in the House and Senate reflected the heightened importance of diversity within the Democratic Party following a summer of social unrest around race and police abuse

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Democrats hold their majorities at Colorado Capitol but GOP blunts a second blue wave

The next legislative session will look different, and the conversation is sure to focus on addressing the economic fallout from coronavirus

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“It’s an 11 on the weird scale”: Colorado legislature makes an awkward return to the Capitol

A series of health and safety protocols reshaped what lawmaking looked like in the General Assembly as lawmakers restarted the legislative session

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Colorado needs affordable housing. The state owns land. Can this combination work?

Gov. Jared Polis is urging the State Land Board to address housing shortage for teachers, part of a campaign promise he made

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The good, the bad and the complicated: How Colorado’s electric vehicle laws changed this session

ICEholes now can be fined for parking in EV charging spots, but the death of a direct-to-consumer sales bill may keep electric truck maker Rivian from opening its first-ever store in Colorado


How do Republicans stay relevant in the Colorado legislature? It depends who you ask.

Democrats control the Colorado Senate, House and governor’s office, meaning the GOP has little power in the statehouse -- but options on how to navigate through being in the minority

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