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Colorado hospitals are rapidly vaccinating their staff against coronavirus. Questions remain about the timing of who comes next.

Some hospitals could finish giving first doses to staff in Phase 1a within weeks and move into Phase 1b

What happened when the only ER doctor in a rural Colorado town caught coronavirus

With Kurt Papenfus sick, the hospital in Cheyenne Wells scrambled to find a replacement

Colorado governor unveils new coronavirus restrictions aimed at preventing lockdowns

Coronavirus is running so rampant in many counties -- including Denver, Adams and Jefferson -- they should already be locked down under metrics defining the state’s old dial system.

A Colorado veteran had appendicitis. But the fight over his hospital bill may have been worse.

Shannon Harness, 39, received a bill for more than $80,000

Threats, vandalism, job loss: Colorado’s public health officials are under attack as they respond to coronavirus

Across the state, public health departments are facing a barrage of vitriol as they respond to the pandemic. Some officials have up and quit under the pressure, while others who stay say they fear for their safety.

An increasing number of Colorado coronavirus patients are surviving, and fewer need ventilators

The state's coronavirus mortality rate for hospitalized patients dropped to 10.5% compared to 15.1% in March, according to data shared by major hospital systems in Colorado

The workers who wash Colorado’s hospital linens are scared of their jobs

A coronavirus outbreak at a laundry co-op that cleans sheets, towels and gowns for 40 Colorado hospitals has workers asking for hazard pay.

Colorado is investigating 3 possible cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome thought to be linked to coronavirus

The syndrome is thought to be linked to coronavirus infections among children. A small, but growing, number of cases have been identified across the globe.

Opinion: Our health care heroes — not big insurance — need support from Washington

Colorado doctors now have plenty of experience battling coronavirus — and they’re getting better at it

Doug Summerfield, a 75-year-old Arvada man, may have benefited from new treatment techniques that doctors are using to help COVID-19 patients, as well as a greater well of experience

People with deadly ailments are avoiding Colorado hospitals because they’re afraid of catching coronavirus

Hospitals say patients suffering from heart attacks and strokes are waiting too long to go to the emergency room because they are afraid of being infected with COVID-19. The consequences are dire.

The inside story of the unprecedented airlift delivering coronavirus supplies to rural Colorado hospitals

Donated protective gear, homemade masks and volunteer pilots all contribute to the herculean effort of getting equipment to rural hospitals -- for some, just in the nick of time

The view from a hospital on Colorado’s Eastern Plains as it works to avoid being overrun by coronavirus

“If we start getting a whole bunch of illness within our staff,” said Dr. Lindsey Paulson, who has worked in Wray for a decade, “I think then we’re sort of sunk.”

Carman: Essential workers are our heroes. It’s time to start treating them that way.

As a teen, I debated if I’d even attend my mom’s funeral. Now, I want nothing more than to be there for her.

Colorado authors, thinkers and readers share their thoughts on living through historic times as the state fights the progress of coronavirus

Colorado unveils plan for how doctors will decide who receives life-saving coronavirus treatment — and who doesn’t

Crisis standards of care will only be implemented if needed to fight COVID-19. “This is completely uncharted territory,” one doctor says.

Colorado’s mountain hospitals “in good shape” with absence of tourists

The reduction in patients has been attributed to the closure of ski areas, which are typically packed with spring break visitors this time of year

If it gets bad, Colorado doctors have a plan for who gets lifesaving coronavirus treatment — and who doesn’t

Colorado has not yet implemented its crisis standards of care, but one doctor says the state may be inching closer.

Testing began in Gunnison last Friday, March 13 and is conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 12pm by the Gunnison County Health and Human Services Department outside of their building. Testing is held in Crested Butte at the Crested Butte Community School on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gunnison County is one of the hardest hit areas in the state in proportion to the population. Two people have been admitted to the Gunnison Valley Hospital, 39 people have tests pending and 239 residents are self-reporting symptoms and are self isolated.

As hospitals brace for critical coronavirus patients, Colorado still doesn’t know how many ventilators are in the state

Hospitals say they could soon see hundreds of patients with COVID-19 and official state numbers -- hobbled by limited testing -- don’t reflect the full tally. State health officials say it could be days before they have a ventilator count.

Colorado hospitals are postponing elective surgeries, reusing masks in preparation for a coronavirus surge

Hospitals and urgent care centers are already seeing numbers rise as more people who aren’t infected but are worried about COVID-19 come to get examined

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