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Gun control groups are investing millions in Colorado as gun rights spending has dramatically waned

More than $10 million in spending made a difference in upsetting three congressional incumbents over the past decade. State-level allocations also moved the needle.

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Opinion: A emergency pediatrician on why a law on safe storage of guns would save young lives

If a child comes to my ER having swallowed a bottle of Tylenol, I can give them medicine to help undo the harm. I couldn’t undo the bullet sitting in my 13-year-old patient's brain.

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Opinion: After the horror in Boulder, how long until Never Again means Never Again?

We will share in our collective trauma and try to move towards the future. But there are 10 people who will not move forward with us.

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Wilson: Mass shootings, the fruit of broken community

I hope we don’t just “thoughtfully consider” that the dragon of mass shootings may actually be stopped by rebuilding true community. We must act.

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7 states have an assault weapons ban. Colorado is not among them — at least not yet.

It appears unlikely that Congress will be able to pass an assault weapons ban, and so state lawmakers are feeling pressure from their constituents to act

Crime and Courts

Before the King Soopers shooting, Boulder had an assault-weapons ban. It violated state law.

Whether the Boulder ordinance could have stopped the massacre isn't fully clear, and may never been known

Crime and Courts

Judge rules Colorado cities cannot enact their own gun restrictions, case could move to state Supreme Court

The law, passed after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, banned the possession of assault-style weapons and some gun accessories that make it easier to fire large numbers of bullets quickly.

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Effort to require Coloradans to report lost, stolen guns is on glidepath to governor’s desk after passing state Senate

As Senate Bill 78 heads to the House, House Bill 1106 -- a so-called “safe storage” measure -- heads to the Senate

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As Colorado readies wolf-reintroduction plan, other states may step up kills

Wildlife managers in the West say wolves are being used to stoke political outrage in the same way Second Amendment gun rights were used in recent elections to raise fears Democrats would restrict firearms.


A fluke or the future? Rep. Lauren Boebert shakes up her Colorado district

Republican Lauren Boebert, is an unabashed, social media-savvy loyalist of Donald Trump who, like her fellow first-term colleague GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, is stoking controversy with her far-right views and defiant actions. But unlike Greene, Boebert doesn't hail from an overwhelmingly GOP, safe district.

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Jim Morrissey: Colorado congressional target practice


Lauren Boebert vowed to shake things up in Congress. She has delivered in her first week.

The high school dropout with a history of minor run-ins with the law used her first tumultuous week in office to cement her far-right and extremist credentials while also setting off a widespread roar of criticism

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Lauren Boebert, other Republicans object to new metal detectors outside U.S. House

Boebert, a Rifle Republican, refused to allow a search of her bag and eventually was let into the House chamber

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Colorado Democrats will pursue mandatory waiting period for gun buyers, safe-storage measure in 2021

The legislation is modeled after policies passed in other states, but it's sure to draw Republican objections

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Jim Morrissey: Feeling optimistic about 2021 in Colorado?


Denver police seize guns over threats against Colorado attorney general

Denver police seized weapons from the man under Colorado's red-flag law. Bryce Shelby has not been charged with a crime in the case.

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Gardner says Roe v. Wade is “settled law” in final U.S. Senate debate, as Hickenlooper talks court packing

The Republican incumbent declared Roe v. Wade “settled law” as his Democratic rival expressed concern about packing the Supreme Court

Election 2020

Gun-control groups see Colorado’s U.S. Senate race as a big opportunity. But it’s complicated.

Republican incumbent Cory Gardner has been a top recipient of National Rifle Association money in recent years, but Democrat John Hickenlooper’s record on policies tightening firearm regulations includes some asterisks.

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Carman: There’s no denying, if we don’t work together, we’re cooked

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Wave of suicides in northwest Colorado part of “toxic stress” from coronavirus, experts say

Nine people have died by suicide so far this year, five in the past month in a region that has been fighting to expand mental health care and break down stigma around treatment

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