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Littwin: They said it couldn’t happen in Highland Park. In America, gun violence strikes anywhere and everywhere.

You couldn’t call it exactly fitting that the latest mass shooting in America happened in a quiet Chicago suburb during the annual Fourth of July Parade. There can be nothing fitting about a 21-year-old, apparently obsessed with gun violence and armed with a “high-powered rifle” — generally assumed to be an AR-15-style assault weapon — […]

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“It was going to happen eventually”: A popular lunchtime spot for Boulder students is now marred by gun violence

Before COVID-19, the sound of the midday bell at Fairview High School often cued Kristin Jeong to get ready to run. She had friends to meet and a crowd of classmates to beat down the street to grab a bus seat. Kristin, a sophomore, would regularly beeline to the RTD bus stop in front of […]

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Will Michael Bloomberg’s deep financial ties to Colorado translate into votes on Super Tuesday?

Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is launching a door-to-door effort to introduce him to Colorado voters — but the Democratic candidate is no stranger to the state. Ahead of his White House bid, the former New York mayor and billionaire businessman contributed at least $6 million to Colorado political campaigns in the past decade, funded major […]