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Ski racing legend Bode Miller plans first ski academy at Granby Ranch

Olympian Bode Miller, who is building a $25 million, 125-student ski academy at Grand County’s Granby Ranch ski area says “I want to put something in place that will change our entire education system for sports.”


Grand Lake, still reeling from East Troublesome fire, is being shaken again by mayoral recall over housing

Mayor Steve Kudron is the target of a recall election fueled by concerns over housing and keeping the mountain town’s character intact.


“Too many uncontrollables”: From coronavirus to wildfires, Colorado’s hunting season brings a slew of uncertainties

While the long-term outlook for wildlife could benefit from the reshaping of the forest, less habitat plus more hunters equals a problem.


Opinion: Recovery from East Troublesome fire will take sustained support

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“Worse than anything you could have imagined”: How the East Troublesome fire became so destructive

The Colorado Sun interviewed about a dozen firefighters, first responders and evacuees to piece together a timeline of the East Troublesome fire’s terrifying 100,000-acre run on Oct. 21


Coronavirus prepared schools for a second crisis — the East Troublesome fire. But students now have double the trauma.

Schools in Granby and Fraser recognize that students will likely need much more support


All missing people accounted for as snow gives crews battling East Troublesome fire a reprieve

Several inches of snow have fallen across the high country. As much as 6 inches of snow was reported in Grand Lake.


East Troublesome fire evacuees fled in minutes. Now it could be days before they know the fate of their homes.

When the East Troublesome fire made its 20-mile, 105,000-acre run across Grand County on Wednesday night, some people living in the thousands of homes in its path had just minutes to flee


“We expect an active fire”: Weather is forecast to fuel East Troublesome fire on Friday

The fire grew by about 45,000 to 50,000 acres on Thursday to become Colorado's second largest recorded blaze at 170,000 acres. It is just 5% contained.


First coronavirus, then an inferno: How schools in the East Troublesome fire’s path are scrambling to keep their students learning

Districts are pondering distance learning after many students and teachers were forced to evacuate because of the East Troublesome fire. But officials know education will take a backseat to the crises.


East Troublesome fire explodes toward Grand Lake, prompting urgent evacuations

The Cal-Wood and Lefthand Canyon fires in Boulder County were relatively inactive on Wednesday, but fierce winds are heading into the area


Mayhem continues at Granby Ranch as new owner takes over Grand County ski and golf community

Granby Prentice Granby Holdings sent a letter early Wednesday to the roughly 800 owners of property at the 5,000-acre Grand County ski and golf resort explaining it is terminating a 15-year deal with them


While the world melts around me, I look to Colorado’s landscape for relief

Colorado authors, thinkers and readers share their thoughts on living through historic times as the state fights the progress of coronavirus

Write On, Colorado

Veteran resort operator proposes to lead Granby Ranch out of chaos

Andy Wirth, a former executive at Steamboat Springs, Intrawest and Squaw Alpine, is vying to manage skiing and golf at Granby Ranch as the resort's owner navigates foreclosure


Lender scuttles Granby Ranch deal, files to foreclose on resort weighed down by $62 million debt

A deal to avoid a court battle over ski and golf community is abandoned as lender tells Grand County court: “The property is inadequate security for repayment of the loan.”


After 24 years and facing foreclosure, Granby Ranch ski area’s owner is surrendering the resort

Marise Cipriani walks away from her Grand County resort, saying a lender nixed a deal to sell as the town of Granby grows impatient over long-delayed road repairs


Colorado made kindergarten a priority. But when it comes to four-day school weeks, lawmakers don’t see a problem.

While many are uncomfortable with the trend of districts adopting four-day school weeks, it receives surprisingly little attention in a state where education has long been a top political issue


Lawsuits, lenders and irked homeowners creating chaos around the sale of Granby Ranch ski resort

Marise Cipriani is hoping to close sale next month of the Grand County ski and golf resort she’s owned since 1995


Cabin, RV and glamping resort promises to transform Granby as development wave rolls through Grand County

A luxury development that failed during the recession is being replaced with workforce housing plus “everyman” amenities to bolster Grand County’s vacation lineup