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Opinion: Why Lauren Boebert’s bill on the Paris Climate Accord is bad for her district

On Jan. 21, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert introduced a bill to block the Biden administration’s plan to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate, tweeting: “Unilaterally entering the Paris Agreement was wrong in 2016 and it’s wrong now!”  The tweet included a photo of the Rifle Republican smiling righteously, pen poised for dissent — prepared to […]

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Opinion: Investing in the past comes at the expense of our kids’ future

A new report by environmental watchdogs Bailout Watch, Public Citizen and Friends of the Earth says that the fossil fuel industry – more than 26,000 coal, oil, and gas companies — has received between $10.4 billion and $15.2 billion in direct federal economic relief during a year in which a debilitating pandemic decimated small businesses […]

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Opinion: Transitioning away from fossil fuels will mean more jobs, not fewer

Congratulations to John Hickenlooper for his recent election to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate.  As one of the many people in Colorado and the United States concerned with the increasingly visible effects of climate change, I welcome his expertise.  As a geologist, Hickenlooper understands the science and the urgency to transition to a 100% […]

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In Colorado, where climate change is front and center, John Hickenlooper is favored to unseat Cory Gardner

Democrat John Hickenlooper famously told a U.S. Senate committee he’d sipped fracking fluid — it was, “almost ritual-like,” he said in 2013 — to prove it’s safe. Now the one-time energy geologist is pitching himself as the more pro-climate candidate in a battle to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.  Hickenlooper’s success might seem surprising […]

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Opinion: The Great American Outdoors Act drew bipartisan back-patting. But what are we celebrating?

Picture this: a caricature of former President Richard Nixon doing dangerous motorcycle stunts in the mountains of New Mexico, wearing a leather jacket embroidered with “Eco-Warrior” across the back. I call it “Tricky Dick Irony.” Nothing felt more ironic than learning that Nixon, infamous and unpopular Republican president, wound up being ally and champion in […]