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forest health

forest health
forest health

Over 20 years, the Hayman fire’s footprint opened a window into Colorado wildfire future

The burn scar spread over four counties and may never be what it once was. But it remains the poster child for the new norm.


Priceless seeds, sprouts in New Mexico a key to post-fire future in the West

A priceless bank of millions of ponderosa pine, spruce and other conifer seeds meant to help restore fire-ravaged landscapes across the American West was threatened by the largest wildfire in New Mexico history.


Opinion: An old idea can reduce wildfires — and teach job skills to thousands

A Civilian Conservation Corps to restore forest health in the age of climate change

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Opinion: The West’s sickly, bloated forests are full of carbon, ready to burn

Restoring them to health will require collaboration at all levels of public and private management

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Opinion: Climate change is making Rocky Mountain forests more flammable now than at any time in the past 2,000 years

The records of past fires preserved in the sediment of 20 lakes in the central Rocky Mountains showed that areas that used to burn once every 230 years now can be expected to burn every 117 years.


The slow fade of Colorado’s mountain pine beetle is triggering a massive shift in the timber industry

Loggers and sawmills prepare for a downturn in supply of beetle-kill timber 15 years after a surge of pests began their devastating march through 3.3 million acres of Colorado forests.


Matriarch of Colorado outdoor volunteerism stepping down from “mothership of community stewardship”

Ann Baker Easley has served nearly 40 years growing and wrangling a network of volunteers across Colorado. She’s retiring from Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado as funds flow and volunteers waitlists grow.


Rep. Neguse, Sen. Wyden: Why America needs a 21st century Civilian Conservation Corps

The answer to the forestry debate is neither clearcuts, nor letting everything burn. The answer is putting people to work in the woods to manage our forests.

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Opinion: Our Capitol Christmas Tree makes me wish for healthy Colorado forests

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Huge western fires in 1910 changed U.S. wildfire policy. Will today’s conflagrations do the same?

Known as the Big Blowup, the 1910 fires helped birth the Forest Service, but so far, climate change and the burning West have spurred little action.


Joe Neguse wants to direct billions to public lands to help Western states recover from coronavirus

The Boulder County Democrat says it’s time to “go big and be bold” with his sweeping 21st Century Conservation Corps for Our Health and Our Jobs Act, which provides economic relief from coronavirus shutdown while investing in overlooked forest management, wildfire mitigation and civilian corps.

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Opinion: Super fires across the West have many causes, but one gets little attention

Former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and ranch owner Louis Bacon say super fires should not be the new normal

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Trump’s “energy dominance” push changing plans for 3 million acres of Colorado land, local stewards say

State and local agencies -- and more recently, Gov. Jared Polis -- prioritized conservation during years of public input and discussion. Now those objectives are in jeopardy.