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Opinion: Women can find more outdoor fitness opportunities if cities expand park permits

As the founder and CEO of the Women in Fitness Association, I make it my daily aim to support women globally with opportunities in the fitness industry. Women in fitness deserve every opportunity to succeed by growing into leadership positions or expanding their businesses. According to a recent report analyzing U.S. Census data, women make […]

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SunLit interview: Josh Hillis introduced psychology into a plan for healthy eating “in real life”

Josh Hillis is the author of two books. His latest book, “Lean and Strong: Eating Skills, Psychology, and Workouts,” won the silver medal in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards for psychology. He currently attends MSU Denver and is doing his thesis on contextual behavioral science and emotional eating. Josh won the psychology department’s “promising teacher […]

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Bicycle retailers are seeing unprecedented sales. But the supply chain is tight and new bikes are hard to find.

Leigh Mattson is still looking for a new bike. In the early summer, she went to three bike stores near her home in Littleton and found no starter or intermediate bikes in stock. She thought she’d have better luck when she visited family in Tyler, Texas, in late June, but it was the same sight […]

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Even a consummate gym rat needs some training help during the coronavirus

When the COVID-19 pandemic ended my daughter’s eighth-grade volleyball season, we found Trainer Hannibal by chance, on the video YouTube recommended after we viewed her coach’s suggested at-home exercises. Hannibal’s braids swung in a ponytail down his back, his pecs bulged through his t-shirt, and his calf muscles cast shadows. If there was something we’d […]