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Zornio: Let’s set aside political chatter. Here are the facts on Colorado’s fentanyl crisis.

For decades, America has fought — and lost — the “War on Drugs.” Now, with Colorado lawmakers considering a proposal to make possession of 1 gram of fentanyl a felony, it’s time to acknowledge the past errors of public health policy that locked millions of people behind bars instead of enacting long-term solutions to treating […]

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Nicolais: The Fentanyl Accountability and Prevention Act comes spiked with trace amounts of bad policy

Fentanyl is killing Coloradans. Fentanyl is killing families, it is killing businesses and it is killing communities. That is exactly why the most heated bill of this legislative session has been the Fentanyl Accountability and Prevention Act.  Unfortunately, good politics appears headed toward bad policy. Or at least less good policy.  Critics of the bill […]

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Opinion: A city doing all it can to reduce crime needs help from state government

The crime wave crashing across Colorado is a serious challenge facing communities in nearly every corner of our state. In Aurora, we put forward the Aurora Action Plan, a comprehensive set of strategies aimed at addressing the rise in crime. Our plan calls for fully staffing and fully funding our police department, a homeless camping […]

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Knowingly having more than 1 gram of fentanyl would be felony under change to Colorado bill

Knowingly possessing more than 1 gram of fentanyl or a fentanyl compound for personal use would be a felony in Colorado under an amendment passed Wednesday afternoon by the House Judiciary Committee to a bill seeking to stem rising overdose deaths linked to the powerful synthetic opioid. The committee’s 7-4 vote to adopt the amendment […]

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Sen. Kirkmeyer and Sheriff Reams: Make fentanyl distribution and possession a felony, again

Fentanyl is poison, and it’s time that Colorado policy makers recognize it as such. Drug dealers are lacing recreational drugs with fentanyl, often unbeknownst to drug users, to get users hooked. If tobacco companies did this, Congress and the Colorado General Assembly would jump to action. The same would be true if drug dealers were […]