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Littwin: What the heavily redacted affidavit for Mar-a-Lago search doesn’t redact is Trump’s growing legal woes

I’ve read over the heavily redacted affidavit justifying the Mar-a-Lago search warrant several times because, well, it’s my job. And because it points even more directly than the warrant itself to the potential guilt of Donald J. Trump for crimes against the Constitution, truth, democracy, national security, proper filing methods, and, well, good manners, not […]

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Littwin: Search warrant says top, top secret documents were hidden at Mar-a-Lago. How do FBI bashers respond?

As it turns out, I was apparently wrong that Donald Trump’s docunapping of White House papers would likely be related to the January 6 assault on the Capitol. For once, I seem to have underestimated the man. What we’ve learned from the FBI search at Mar-o-Lago is clearly worse than that, far worse, a worse-than-Nixon […]

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Littwin: We don’t know what the FBI was looking for at Mar-a-Lago or whether it could be related to Jan. 6

The first thing you should know about the FBI raid — otherwise known as a court-ordered search warrant — on Donald Trump’s gold-plated Mar-a-Lago residence/club/hangout is that, as of this writing, we know virtually nothing about it, except that it’s unprecedented and stunning and daring and sure to be an issue in November’s midterms and […]

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Rocky Mountain National Park ranger injured in shootout near Fall River entrance

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK — A shootout during a traffic stop at Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park wounded a ranger and one of two suspects who were involved in an earlier pursuit with law enforcement. Park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson says the shooting happened after the ranger stopped a driver on the east side of the […]

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What happens when the lure of outdoor rec starts to pull people onto tribal lands?

INDIAN WELLS, ARIZONA — When the FBI suspected someone was illegally digging artifacts from the Navajo Nation, an agent called Jonathan Dover for help.  Dover was working as a Navajo Ranger who specialized in archaeological crimes. He drove with the FBI agent out into a search area that spanned hundreds of square miles. They were […]

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Denver police found loaded weapons, high-capacity magazine and drugs inside hotel room near Coors Field

Police found more than a dozen guns, a high-capacity magazine and a large amount of methamphetamine and heroin inside two hotel rooms one block from Coors Field on Friday, court documents show. While cleaning a room at The Maven hotel Friday evening, a housekeeper saw a rifle, numerous metal objects that appeared to be possible […]